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10 Baby Essentials That You Really Don’t Really Need

by | November 10, 2018

Are you overwhelmed by the list of baby essentials that you think you have to buy? Read this before you create your registry.

Booties and Shoes

Your newborn can’t exactly walk anywhere, so shoes are pretty unnecessary. And even though they’re adorable, those tiny little shoes hardly ever stay on babies’ feet.

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Adorable… but useless

Crib Bumpers

They may look pretty but pillowy crib bumpers have proven themselves such a suffocation threat that the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against the use of all bumpers, even the new mesh versions. So stay safe and take them off your list.


Newborn-Sized Clothes

It’s very easy to go nuts buying newborn-sized clothes, they are so little, what could be cuter! These tiny duds only fit babies up to seven pounds. The average American newborn weighs in at about 7.5 pounds on his birthday, it’s very possible your baby will outgrow those newborn onesies before he’s even born! Stick with clothes size 0-3 months, which fit babies up through 12 pounds, and skip the adorable, not definite baby essentials. 

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Newborn Diapers

Buy a few but don’t buy the economy pack. Newborn diapers only fit infants up to 10 pounds, which your little one could be pretty close to at birth. So just keep that in mind when buying.

A Changing Table is Not Baby Essentials

Some parents love them, but if you live in a small apartment a changing table is an easy choice for a big-ticket baby item to bypass. Get a couple of changing pads and you can change your little one on the bed, the couch, on your lap, you get the idea.


Baby Blankets

You don’t need to buy your baby blankets. Unless there is a specific swaddling blanket you want, don’t register for any. Trust us, you’ll get plenty anyway. It’s safe to say that you’ll receive plenty of blankets to keep your little one warm from friends, relatives, neighbors etc.

A Bassinet

Those sweet tiny beds are cozy, but blink and your baby will be too big for her bassinet. After three months you’ll have to move your baby to a crib anyway and then where are you going to store a bulky bassinet.

Baby Food and Baby Food Maker

Store-baby food has convenience in its corner, but guess what: it’s not hard to mash or blend up some whole foods, which is why more and more moms are making their size purees and finger foods. Pass on the baby-food maker as well and just toss your little one’s food in your blender for the same results. You’ll save money and you’ll be able to control what your baby is eating. Do you really need one more appliance taking up precious kitchen counter space?

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A Wipe-Warmer

These are just a waste of money, I had one and I think I used it once. Babies are going to cry when getting their butts wiped no matter what. If you think the wipes are too cold then take 10 seconds to warm it up in your hands first, this is a definite cross off the list.  

Infant Bathtub

Another tiny baby essentials product you can easily get by without. For the number of uses, you’ll actually get out of this, it’s a waste of money and valuable space. Buy a full sized baby bath with a newborn sling.

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