Signs You’ve Hit The Harmonious Parenting Balance

by | August 7, 2018

Reached That Parenting Balance?

Reaching that spot in parenting, where kids start to get a little more independent and want to spend more time alone, leaving you an extra 20 seconds of coffee drinking time in the morning. You know if you’ve reached that parenting balance sweet spot because the crying has decreased considerably and being able to walk into the house without a total and utter meltdown seems to be a rare occurrence.


You can leave the house, with your kids, phone, keys and a smile on your face. That’s right! no more army mobilization for you, no more three hours of pleading, looking for the pink shoe that doesn’t fit, and counting down to the ‘that’s it, we’re going nowhere‘. 


They can work the television and remote all by themselves. In fact, the arguments about what to watch have somewhat died down, and sitting together watching a show is not only a miracle but a common occurrence. 


They can get this own drinks. Oh yes, this is actually happening in your house. Your daily exercise routine of walking back and forth from the kitchen with the cups of water are a thing of the past. Just ensure there are enough clean pink cups in the drawer, or all bets are off and your dreams of reaching that parenting balance are gone. 


Falling asleep for a nap on the couch on the mid-Sunday afternoon is possible, and without the dozing off due to sheer and utter exhaustion, while jumping awake ten seconds later, to see the kitchen burning down and the dog dressed as Santa Clause. 


‘Wipe My Bum, Please’. Reaching that parenting sweet spot is what dreams are made of. The only bum you’ll be responsible for now is your own! 


When did you reach that harmonious parenting balance? Or have you managed to get to that stage yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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