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3 Best And Easy To Cook Vegan Sweets Recipes

by | December 18, 2018

Does your sweet tooth crave too much around this time of the year? Satisfy your cravings with these easy to cook vegan sweets recipes. Vegan Christmas fun notched up a bit more!

 1. Vegan Sweets and Spongy Rasgullas

If you love delightful spongy textures and an everlasting mildly sweet aftertaste, give these vegan rasgullas a try. The best part is you can adjust the sweetness meter even after you’re done cooking. Check out the recipe here

vegan sweets
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2. Scrumptious Gulab Jamuns

These are believed to be rasgulla’s long lost cousin but trust me, they taste entirely different. Rasgullas are light and fluffy delight while gulab jamuns have a rich texture. Serve them hot or pair with vegan vanilla ice cream, you can never go wrong with a Gulab Jamun. Check out the recipe here

vegan sweets
Vegan Sweets
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3. Carrot Pudding or Gajar Halwa

This is the vegan sweet dish I absolutely love. Creamy taste, rich flavor and tempting aroma- nothing can beat a steaming hot bowl of Gajar Halwa on a wintry night. In fact, this is the most cooked dessert in north India during the winter season. All you need is freshly grated carrots, non dairy milk, brown/ natural sugar and nuts to prepare this delicious dish. Check out the entire recipe here

vegan sweets
Vegan Sweets
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