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5 Best Easy Fun Ideas For Your Teen’s Get Together

by | March 2, 2019

If you’re struggling to come up with fun ideas for your teen’s get together, here’s some help. Read ahead to discover some really easy but great ideas to help your kid rock the part-ay!

So your teenager wants to have a small get together either for their upcoming birthday or just to connect with their besties outside of school on a weekend. Eliminate the hassle in deciding what to do by coming up with a few great ideas beforehand, especially if the weather is a bit unpredictable where you are. Here are 5 fun ideas for your teen’s get together or party.

Fun Ideas For Your Teen's Get Together
Credits: Khomulo Anna/Shutterstock


Fun Ideas For Your Teen’s Get Together

Handmade soap

Although it can get a little messy, with enough space and organization, vegan soap making is a great hands-on activity that everyone can be sure to love. Think about making a trial-run batch beforehand and giving those out as party favors along with what the guests end-up making themselves. There are endless possibilities when it comes to soap, so be sure to do some research beforehand!

Mug decorating

With a quick trip to Michaels, making personalized mugs is a fun and cheap DIY that works great in both small and large groups. No matter whether your teen’s favorite fan base is Harry Potter or Star Wars, this activity can also be personalized to fit a party theme. All you need for this activity are oil-based sharpies, white mugs, and access to an oven.

At-home Cannes film festival

Binging on some of the newest Indie films is a great rainy-day activity. Instead of grabbing the newest thing RedBox has to offer, try looking for artsier (and age-appropriate) films and have everyone have a group discussion about them at the end with final thoughts and feelings.

Board games

Don’t underestimate the power the board games have to kill time and entertain everyone! I remember as a college student, I would play Monopoly, Headbandz, and Uno almost every weekend with others living in the dorms. Grab a few old and new games for this activity either new or second-hand. This could be the easiest and most enjoyable of all the fun ideas for your teen’s get together.

DIY vegan spa day

Cruelty-free face masks, pedicures, and manicures? Yes, please! With a few cruelty-free beauty essentials from brands such as Yes To, Pacifica, Lush, and The Body Shop you can set-up shop for a fun at-home spa. Think about getting a small basin for foot soaks using essential oils and salts, one or two vegan face masks, and a couple of vegan nail polishes so that everyone can have the chance to enjoy this easy DIY.

What teenager-friendly party ideas are your favorite? Need more fun ideas for your teen’s get together? Let me know in the comments below.

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