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5 Rules for Visiting a Newborn

by | November 18, 2018

Think there’s an etiquette for visiting a newborn? You’d be right! here are the five rules you need to abide by. 




Wait To Be Invited Before Visiting a Newborn 

This should really be a no-brainer. Just imagine sitting on your couch with greasy hair, leaky boobs, exhausted, still bleeding, and holding a crying baby when there’s a knock on the door. First thought is “omg how do I even get up to answer it?” second is “the absolute state of the place, I’m so embarrassed”. Please please please wait until a new parent reaches out to you before calling over unannounced.

Bring Food

If you absolutely MUST visit in the first two weeks, please for the love of God bring a damn casserole, and not in a nice dish that has to be washed. Bring something yummy in a foil tray. No new Mama or Papa wants to be washing dishes.

Stay away if you’re sick.

If you’re sick, if your kid is sick, heck even if your Great Aunt Fanny is sick, please stay the f**k home. Visiting a newborn who doesn’t have a fully working immune system yet and if you get that precious baby sick you’re going to feel like an asshole.

Do the damn dishes.

I know you want to snuggle that sweet smelling bundle of joy and I promise you will get a go, but first do something useful like washing the dishes or folding laundry. Anything that will help a Mama out.

Don’t offer a shit ton of advice.

Don’t be going in there like an annoying know it all. If you’re asked for advice on something, then absolutely give it, please. Just don’t be all “In my day babies slept on their backs or you can’t eat garlic if you’re breastfeeding, etc….” It’s annoying, you figured it, they will too.

If you REALLY have to go visit, try and keep it under 30 minutes, then go home and be thankful that you get to take a nap whenever you want it!


Have any tips for visiting a newborn? Drop them in the comments! 

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