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5 Vegan Girl Bosses to Keep an Eye on in 2019

by | January 4, 2019

YouTube is one of the fastest growing platforms today. With that, there are all kinds of different people publishing content on a daily basis. Two of my favorite niches on YouTube are the vegan niche and the “girl boss” niche, and I’ve actually found that there’s a lot of overlap between the two. Here are five vegan girl bosses on YouTube that you should pay attention to this coming year.

Vegan Girl Bosses
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5 Vegan Girl Bosses to Keep an Eye on in 2019

Monami Frost

Monami and her beautiful family are living out everyone’s vegan dreams. YouTuber, clothing brand owner and now, a burger joint owner, Monami proves that even while pregnant, you can do anything you set your mind to. Her content hits every category, from vegan mukbangs to make-up tutorials to vegan family travel vlogs. One of my favorite of all the vegan girl bosses out there!

Kalyn Nicholson

For those who love yoga, life improvement videos, and cute chihuahuas named Bentley, Kalyn Nicholson is perfect for you. She is not only a YouTuber, but she is also a podcaster, owner of the brand Koze, a writer, and an influencer. With her GYST motto and a vegan latte at her side, she’ll prove to you that through bullet-journaling and keeping a daily routine, any and all dreams can be made possible.

Liv B

With a YouTube channel filled with a plethora of delicious and simple vegan recipes, Liv B loves to publish videos showcasing her amazing kitchen skills. With new content every week, her meal ideas will always leave you starving for more! Thankfully, her channel has years worth of content, so there is no shortage of her culinary genius.


As the host of her interactive tattoo talk show titled “Tattoo Talk Tuesday,” Qcknd has become a popular name within the tattoo community. Living in Philly, she is a great role model for vegans from all walks, as she isn’t afraid to talk openly about the struggles that we all face as vegans.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles has been on the internet for a very long time, and just a few short years ago, she made it public that she was vegan. With her dogs, Mr. Marbles, Kermit, and Peach, as well as her boyfriend Julien Solomita at her side, Jenna and her crew are sure to make you laugh every Wednesday. They will sometimes run what they call “J and J’s Kitchen” on Julien’s channel, where they cook vegan and gluten-free comfort food that will make you both incredibly hungry and incredibly sore in your sides from laughing too hard.

Got more suggestions to add to the list of vegan girl bosses? Let me know in the comments below.


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