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786 Cosmetics Boasts Breathable Vegan Nail Varnish Fit For All

by | October 2, 2019

Bursting onto the vegan beauty scene in a splash of vibrant color, 786 Cosmetics is a made-in-the-US brand created with everyone in mind.

The brand’s breathable ultra-rich lacquers, which are certified Halal, fit for vegans and animal friendly, are aimed at inclusivity and designed for all to enjoy — no matter their spiritual or ethical beliefs.

786 Cosmetics
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Global Inspiration Gone Vegan

Carrying with the theme of inclusivity, each of the brand’s colors are inspired by — and named for — a different city. From the near-taupe mauve of Granada to the smokey blue of Chefchaouen, 786 Cosmetics boasts a color palette that draws on the world’s diversity with the intent to offer something truly unique.

11-Free & Ultra Breathable

As much as the line is made in celebration of the world around us, though, it’s made for its wearers. Each of the brand’s polishes are 11-free in addition to being certified halal, cruelty-free, and vegan.

This means that it has identified not five, or seven, but 11 potentially harmful chemicals found in traditional nail polish — and chosen to leave them out to offer a healthier, less toxic option to polish lovers everywhere.

Nail Polish
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The lacquers are also all made to be super breathable to promote good nail health. By offering the permeability required to allow water and air access to your natural nails, this is a polish intended to keep them healthy and strong, while other polishes or nail treatments may degrade the quality of your natural nail.


You can find options from this ethically made and motivated brand online, and follow 786 Cosmetics on Instagram to find out where this vibrant collection might pop up next!


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