9 Steps For Manifesting Your Dreams

by | April 12, 2018

“You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts”- Brain Tracy.

Manifestation is aligning with your dreams/desires and creating thoughts that create your reality. Here are my 9 steps for manifesting your dreams.

The first step in the manifestation process is grounding. Grounding brings consciousness into the body and is essential for forming healthy boundaries. Without grounding we are unstable and we lose our center. Good grounding, connections with our bodies, the physical world, self-nourishment, and self-preservation contribute to the ability to manifest properly. In order to manifest we have to accept limitation. We have to be able to focus on what we want, be specific about it, and stick with it long enough to manifest it. When you accept your limitations with grace and you will transcend your limitations.

The second step in manifesting your dreams is learning how to receive. The more you are willing to love yourself and receive your own love the easier receiving what we are manifesting becomes. Create a daily self-love practice. Give yourself love every single day, multiple times a day. The more self-love you are receiving the easier it will be to receive abundance.

The third step for manifesting your dreams is to get clear on your goals and desires. This step requires you to define your goals, dreams, and desires. You have to get really descriptive here. The more details the better. If you are feeling stuck answer the following questions;
What do you want?
Why do you want it?
What would it feel like to have it?
What does it look like?
What is the essence of it?

The most important thing to remember is to focus on why you want it and not how you are going to get it. Remember this is not what you think other people want for you, this is what you want for you.


The fourth step to manifesting your dreams is to notice and describe the mental blocks. This step requires you to be an observer of your thoughts. When a thought comes up that says, “ you are not worthy of that”, Or “you don’t deserve that”, observe the thought and let it go. Ask yourself, where did this thought/belief come from? How does this serve me? Is this belief mine? It is your job to recognize the thoughts that stop you from singularly focused on what you want. Notice if you have worry, anxiety, disbelief, fear, dread. Notice is, welcome the (limiting belief), forgive yourself for having it and then let it go. You are in charge of your mind. What ideas/ beliefs/patterns arise when you think about your dreams? When you address the parts of you there are not believing, you start to take your power back and create space to manifest everything you desire.

The fifth step is to forgive and release. In order to allow the anxiety, fear, disbelief, dread, and worry to move through you, you must invite sit with them instead of pushing them away. In order to do this, you can use this affirmation, “I see you, I hear you, I thank you for teaching me__________, I no longer need you. I forgive you, I release you.” In doing this, you allow your body to express the responses. Do not tense up and block the flow of energy, instead soften and allow yourself to FEEL.

The sixth step for manifesting your dreams is to re-write the new story/change the pattern/limiting belief system. When you are thinking of your dreams and a limiting belief, thought, or pattern arises, notice it, feel it in your body, forgive it, release it and then write a new belief. In this step, we are flipping the thought from fear bases to faith-based. For example,
Fear= I am not worthy of money.
Faith=I am worthy of a lifestyle full of financial abundance. I am an energetic match for __$/month. This money will pay for ___, ____, _____. Take this new affirmation and say it every single time that limiting belief arises.

The seventh step is to believe and have faith in your desires. You were made to have that desire/dream/goal. These are things you were born to do. Ask for it, know that it is coming. Believe that your desires have been heard. You are fully supported by the universe, you deserve it, you are enough. Believing it is being in the faith that it is already yours.

The eighth step too manifesting your dreams is to let go of the outcome and let it be easy. Receiving is easy. You have to believe that it is coming. Feel yourself achieving it. When you close your eyes, imagine yourself living your dream life. When you release the outcome, you are open to the possibilities of the universe bringing you exactly what you desire or something better. When you say your affirmation/intention always end it with, “this or something better.”

Finally, the ninth step is to take inspired action. This process is something you do every day. It is something you have to work at. Inspired action requires all the previous steps;
Get clear.
Observe your fears.
Honor and forgive yourself for having the fears.
Process the fears.
Tell yourself the truth- write a new story.
It is like anything, the more you practice the easier it becomes.

Your thoughts are powerful as they create your reality. The more your thoughts align with your dreams, the more you will live in abundance. Remember, you are worthy, powerful and whole. There are forces greater than you can imagine helping to guide you to complete wholeness and abundance.

My name is Ashley DeMarco and I am an empowerment coach, yoga teacher, and health and wellness guide. My soul’s purpose is to support, nourish, and guide individuals to a more wholesome, aligned, and balanced lifestyle. Since becoming a mom, I have had this innate urge to guide other moms towards living more in tune with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.I believe that the key to achieving balance, alignment and wholeness begins with attuning to your body’s own internal wisdoms. My goal with this group of women is to create a community that supports us in stepping back into our normal day to day lives with a heightened sense of awareness, wholeness and harmony. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram or my website.


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