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Garden of Life Sells Out To Nestle?!

Garden Of Life Scooped Up – Another Vegan Company Goes Mainstream! It was announced today on their Facebook page, that Garden of Life has been bought by Nestle. Garden of Life claims that they have spent a lot of time getting to know Nestle and their vision and values. They […]

Quick Tips To Ease Your Transition From A Vegetarian To A Vegan Lifestyle

By Sofia Lockhart The advantages of a vegan lifestyle are widely known. Many who opt for a diet free from animal products report feeling lighter and less bloated; they experience more restful sleep, higher energy levels and even better sex. With an entire industry geared towards vegan food — and […]

Meet Jessica of Gardener’s Lodge, Vegan Cafe & Dairy-Free Cheese Deli, OZ

Jessica Matino Ndibe is a Mum, Fine Art Photographer, and Restaurateur. Her family is vegan and recently opened a vegan cafe/ deli in one of Sydney’s World Heritage Listed buildings together with their business partner Aldo Cozzi. Jessica has had twenty years of experience in hospitality as well as managing […]

Garden Lites Helps Sneak Veggies Into Kid’s Easter Basket This Year

Garden Lites: Veggies Made Great is here to help with their plan to sneak vegetables such as carrots and zucchini into your kid’s Easter basket. Want to learn more? Keep reading to hear more about their alternatives to traditional Easter candy. Behind Valentine’s Day, Easter is by far one of […]

Easy Gardening As A Vegan

Spring is just around the corner. Robins are gathering twigs and twine, the rain is falling heavier, the days are growing longer, and I am preparing to put peas in the garden. Like most life, my journey to veganism started in a garden. I did not realize what would happen […]

Emily Deschanel Calls Her Son The “Vegan Police”

DFree/ Vegan actor and animal rights activist Emily Deschanel jokingly refers to her six-year-old son Henry as the “vegan police.” The “Bones” star is raising her children to be conscious of the food they eat. “It was his choice to become 100 percent vegan,” Deschanel told Us Weekly at the […]


It seems like the new trend of 2018 in Hollywood is to cut out animal products, but how many of these vegan celebrities did you know about? #1 Gisele Bündchen Victoria’s Secret models receiving the Key to the City of Hollywood. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. November 15, 2006. Credit: Shutterstock […]

Vegan Prenatal Vitamin Recommendations

Wondering what vitamins are vegan and suitable for pregnancy? We’ve put together a handy list of our vegan prenatal vitamin recommendations to reference with a description of each one. What It Has PRENATAL MULTIVITAMIN: Specially formulated women’s multivitamin made from nutritious and organic whole foods MOM TO BE: Our organic […]

Bad News for Dairy Farmers!

Too Much Cow’s Milk Not Enough Takers Two years ago there was a high demand in organic cow’s milk and it looked like a lucrative decision to organic dairy farmers. Fast forward to the current market and you’re looking at an oversupply with no foreseeable increase in demand. The dairy […]

The Rise of Plant-Based Protein

Plant Based Protein Protein! You hear about it and see it marketed everywhere. This word no longer only pertains to animal-based products. The Plant Based Protein revolution is here. According to the study by Meticulous Research, the global Plant Based Protein market is set to reach $10 BILLION by the […]

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