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New Guidelines Will Ensure Vegan Fashion Is “Cruelty-Free” and Eco-Friendly

New UK guidelines will ensure that all fashion items labelled vegan are certified as “100% cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.” The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is behind the new guidelines — which it has developed after being “inundated with requests” for vegan products. Demand for ethical fashion is growing in the […]

World's Most Popular Men’s Magazine Promotes Vegan Diet With Complete Guide

Global lifestyle magazine Men’s Health has launched the “Complete Guide To Plant-Based Eating” to share “everything you need to know” on the topic. The comprehensive guide explains how to follow a healthy plant-based meal plan, as well as how to eat to best support the body when working out.  In […]

Vegan In Nashville? A Must-Read Guide

Ahh, Nashville. Home to country music, southern charm, and…veganism? It’s true! The vegan scene is alive and thriving in Music City, and the movement is only gaining momentum.   Nashville is the capital of the great state of Tennessee, and this city is getting more popular by the minute — welcoming […]

A Guide to Low-Waste Wrapping

With fall at the tail end and winter in full swing already for some of us, seasonal giving has been on the brain! There’s nothing quite like someone’s face lighting up after receiving the perfect gift — especially if it’s one you choreographed and thoughtfully packaged for them yourself. One […]

Lewis Hamilton Guides Family Toward Vegan Diet After F1 Win

During an interview after his latest Formula One world championship win, Lewis Hamilton opened up about guiding his family towards a plant-based diet. “I think it’s really just about educating…if you can help people have the right information, then they can make their own decisions” Hamilton explained to reporters. “Like […]

How To Grow A Vegetable Garden At Home: A Beginner’s Guide

As interest grows in plant-based eating and sustainable diets, many seek to add more vegetables to their daily diet — and a vegetable garden can be the perfect approach. Not only does having your own garden allow you easy access to fresh and delicious produce, it helps overcome so major […]

Your Guide To Vegan Candy This Halloween

If the thought of finding cruelty-free Halloween candy sounds spooky, read on! While a lot of standard Halloween treats are heavy on dairy, gelatin, or other animal products, there are animal-friendly options to choose from — and we’ve got you covered with some of the tastiest vegan treats on the […]

Breastfeeding For Working Moms: A Guide From Experience

In today’s society, many women decide to return to work after having a baby. That’s great, of course, but comes with some challenges if you’re planning on breastfeeding — challenges which may make it seem impossible. So, today, I — Katie Hill, Raise Vegan contributor and intern — would like […]

Essential Guide to Making Homemade Vegan Baby Food

Are you a new parent, or expecting, and plan on making your vegan baby’s meals at home? Feeding your little one plant-based, homemade food will ensure they are receiving beneficial nutrients from the moment they start eating solids. It will also instill a taste for healthy meals early on. Here […]

Your Complete Guide to Eating Vegan in Denver

There’s no doubt that the vegan movement’s on the rise in Mile High City. Whether you’re visiting or living in Denver, Colorado, you’ll have access not only to its vibrant art scene and colorful people, but a variety of vegan hot spots and events boasting delicious plant-based fare. It might […]

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