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Alarming Plastic Pollution: Litter Found in the World’s Deepest Point

by | May 16, 2019

The amazing feats achieved by humans are unending. And as proud it can make us in achieving the unachieved, it should also make us equally more aware when our vices point fingers on us. In a record-breaking dive into the world’s deepest point in the Pacific Ocean, researchers have found Plastic pollution. It is alarming, to say the least. Know more here.

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Plastic Pollution Found in Incredible Depths of Ocean; So Deep Even Light Doesn’t Reach

Victor Vescovo broke the records of oceanic depths touched by humans by diving all the way to as much as seven miles (11km) beneath the waters of the Pacific. He touched what can be dubbed as the deepest point in the ocean- Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean, reports BBC. The depth is so incredible that light doesn’t reach that zone, and not every species can survive. But one unwanted visitor gave the glimpse to the record-breaking diver. The American explorer reportedly found ‘plastic waste’ at the bottom of the sea floor among other exotic sea creatures. Mr. Vescovo said to the BBC-

“It is almost indescribable how excited all of us are about achieving what we just did.”

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Withstanding the tremendous pressure of the gazillion of liters of water, the diver spent four hours exploring the ocean bed in his resistant submersible, designed to withstand such depths. It was in 1960 that was the first time when someone touched the bottom of Mariana. US Navy lieutenant Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard, a Swiss engineer in their vessel bathyscaphe Trieste went into the untouched depths. Post half a century later, plant-based Hollywood director James Cameron made his solo plunge into the unlighted depths in his submarine in 2012.

And now, the third time any human ever reached the bottom is Victor Vescovo. Reportedly reaching a jaw-dropping 10,927m (35,849 ft.) below the oceans, that is even greater than Mount Everest (8,848 m/ 29, 029 ft.) inverted beneath the Pacific’s. The American diver is the new record holder.

It’s High Time We Act to Stop Plastic Pollution

It is just an act of using a seemingly harmless packet or wrapper of plastic that goes on to choke the planet. As much as 8 million tones (out of 300 million tons) of plastic end up in oceans every year, according to Ocean Unite. And if this race continues, time will come, humanity will witness more plastic in the seas and oceans than the beautiful aquatic creatures. All these by 2050.

Millions and millions of sea and adjoining lives are hampered by the bane of plastic. Sometimes choked to death, other times, strangled or died of ingesting the same. The pain that plastic pollution is to sea-creatures is immeasurable. Not just to the sea animals, it is equally toxic to humankind as well.

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It’s high time we act on to bring a change. Starting from our kids, we can together revert the pollution as much as possible. Encourage kids (and adults as well) to recycle and reuse plastics, teaching them the correct ways of disposal are some starting steps. Urging the local government to put a ban on single-use plastic is another way to combat alongside. People must be encouraged to use more of eco-friendly stuff in terms of shopping bags and others. Although the world is getting more concerned, it still isn’t enough and we jointly need to act ASAP.

Aren’t you proud of the amazing achievement by Victor Vescovo? What have you though to reduce plastic waste? Do you have any great idea? Let us know in comments below.

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