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Alicia Silverstone Dishes On Vancouver’s Best Vegan Spots

by | October 10, 2019

Actor Alicia Silverstone has taken to social media to share some of her favorite vegan restaurants in Vancouver.

Alongside a photo of herself and her son Bear Blu, Silverstone shared her list with her near one million followers on Instagram. The photo has since earned over 31,000 likes.

Her eateries of choice follow.

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Veganism has boomed in popularity in Vancouver in the last few years (Source: Dan Breckwoldt/Shutterstock.com)


This Mediterranean Grill and Enoteca aims to provide “a fresh perspective on Mediterranean cooking.”


Found inside the Rosewood Hotel, this garden terrace cafe offers “a variety of light tapas-inspired dishes in a sophisticated outdoor bar and lounge setting.”

Eternal Abundance

This all organic vegan grocer and cafe “strives to provide quality organic and vegan food at affordable prices to support healthy and eco-conscious lifestyles.”

Silverstone recommends trying Alex’s Special Salad, as well as the soups and kimchi roll.

vegan cold pressed juices
Diners can enjoy a selection of cold pressed juices at the Glory Juice Co. (Source: Maridav/Shutterstock.com)

Glory Juice Co.

The Glory Juice Co. produces a delicious range of cold-pressed juices in a variety of nutritious combinations.

Silverstone says that “the turmeric shot, squash soup and kale salad were yum.”

The Acorn

This restaurant is described by Silverstone as being a “cool place with good food for dinner.”

The Acorn was recently listed as number one on Big Seven Travel’s list of best vegan friendly restaurants in the world.

Bandidas Taqueria

This vegetarian and vegan Mexican-inspired restaurant was enjoyed by Silverstone for its “cool vibes…and yum vegan tacos.”

It’s situated on the city’s iconic Commercial Drive.

Chau Veggie Express

This Vietnamese plant-based eatery has a strong emphasis on wholesome family meals and community.

If you’re looking “for yum noodle soup with greens,” Silverstone believes that this is the place to go.

Alicia Silverstone holding The Kind Mama
Silverstone is an accomplished advocate for vegan living (Source: Debby Wong/Shutterstock.com)

Alicia Silverstone: Vegan & Environmentalist

Silverstone, who lives in LA with Bear, has been an outspoken advocate of veganism for several years. Just last month she was giving her tips on sustainable living, and has already authored two vegan books, The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama.

Have you been to any of these places in Vancouver? Let us know which your favourite is in the comments below!


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