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An Inside Peek Into the Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand Ellis Faas

by | July 1, 2019

Ellis Faas, the cruelty-free makeup brand, is one of the leading names in the ethical business spectrum acquiring cult status among makeup lovers. Winning even more hearts, their ‘Make Up Not War‘ campaign spreads awareness and raises funds to protect the future of children living in war zones. Our team had a chance to speak with the founder of the iconic brand, Ellis, and she opened up on various aspects of ethical beauty.

Credits: @ellisfaas/ Facebook

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An Inside Peek Into the Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand Ellis Faas

Famously calledone of the most influential make-up artists of her generation‘ by Vogue Paris, Ellis is excelling in every aspect of her life. From photography to makeup, working for top-tier makeup brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Lancôme, and Clinique, to starting her own line – her journey has been phenomenal. The foundation of her own brand was laid back in 2007 when her contract with L’Oréal, to create a makeup line for Biotherm, ended. The Netherlands-born and raised Ellis set out on a new adventure and the rest is history.

Ellis Faas [Image Courtesy: Ellis Faas website]

Her work has been featured by world’s best-known fashion magazines such as Vogue, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, The Face, Rebel, Pop, V Magazine, Visionaire, and many more. Here are the excerpts from the interview with her.

Credits: Ellis Faas website

We are in love with the “Make Up Not War” campaign Ellis Faas is obviously so passionate about. What inspired the creation of this specific campaign?

First of all, I am passionate about children and it sincerely worries me so many children in this world don’t have a safe haven allowing them to be children. However, the link with the brand is that our products are packaged in silver “bullets.” This is not because we promote the use of guns (the opposite – I’m rather the pacifist type), but merely because I have always been inspired by the military, and how they find solutions to easily carry around loads of stuff. The ease of portability is one of the key aspects of our products; so that’s why the packaging is a wink to the military. To stress, we don’t mean anything aggressive, War Child is our charity.

Actress Naomie Harris took to Social Media to support the campaign
Credits: @ellisfaas/ Facebook

Which of your lipsticks should every lady boss and mom on-the-go always have in her purse?

Any lipstick she feels comfortable wearing! I have a rule not to tell anyone which shade to wear. You know your face and your taste better than I do. What I did though, as an inspiration for most of the shades, I used colors which by nature exist on the human body. What makes these so-called ‘Human Colours’ suitable for any skin tone, age, or style – whichever shade you pick – is the connection with your face, and it will not become a mask. Whether or not you like a certain shade, it is your own personal taste, and I’m not going to interfere with it!

Cruelty-Free MakeUp Brand
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Where does Ellis Faas fit into the vegan, cruelty-free makeup and beauty community? What makes Ellis Faas so unique?

Everything is and always will be cruelty-free, and our registered trademark is ‘Only Tested On Supermodels.’ We’re also not going to test on animals (e.g. to enter new countries), which as you know some other brands do. Most of the products are vegan, but not everything. We have a page on the website which specifically mentions the exceptions. Apart from the portability and Human Colours (see above), most of the products are liquid. Liquid, unlike powder, doesn’t lie on top but becomes one with the skin better; again preventing it from becoming a mask. Also, they are extremely long-wearing. So everything is geared towards ease – the ease of choosing shades, the ease of application, the ease of wearing, and the ease of carrying your products around.

Credits: Ellis Faas website

What advice would you give to other beauty brands wanting to start their own humanitarian campaigns much like Ellis Faas’ MUNW campaign?

Choose a charity really close to your heart, and only start campaigning if it feels good 1000%. Campaign because your heart tells you to, and not because people say it’s good for image or marketing, because this should never be a reason to campaign.

Credits: @ellisfaas/ Facebook

What is the ‘beauty without cruelty’ scene like in Amsterdam, and how has it influenced the Ellis Faas brand?

Cruelty-free in Amsterdam is like it is anywhere else I guess. Although that hasn’t influenced us. Having been a vegetarian since I was a little girl, it would never be an option to test on animals.

Inspiring, isn’t it? Which is your favorite cruelty-free makeup brand? Let us know in the comments below.

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