An Interview With Vegan Athlete UFC Fighter Abel Trujillo

by | January 25, 2019

Discipline, passion, and confidence… These are just a few of the characteristics that brought him success. Besides the countless achievements Abel “Killa” Trujillo counts over his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitors, he had one clear announcement for his fans immediately following his 15th bout that ought to be an inspiration to vegans and non-vegans alike. Abel Trujillo, making strong strides in his career, believes he owes his success in part to balancing physical and mental strength. For those of you interested in the secrets of Trujillo’s success, I’d like to share some of the answers he had for my questions during a private interview he granted, for which I am very grateful.  

An Interview With Vegan Athlete UFC Fighter Abel Trujillo

abel trujillo

Hi Abel, everyone wants to know how you got your nickname “Killa.” What’s the story behind it?

I got the nickname “Killa” from my teammates while wrestling in college at William Penn University. At the time I had an aggressive personality on and off the mat. I would say back then I had a imbalance with my yin/yang energies.

When and how did you decide to be vegan?

I decided to go vegan three years ago because after practicing Kundalini yoga for many years, it became apart of my daily routine and I wanted to fully raise my Kundalini energy the correct way. At this point, I was coming across numerous sources explaining how you can’t raise the Kundalini energy on an animal diet. Not only is eating an animal energetically bad for raising the Kundalini aka being in your higher-self, but also spiritually and physically! Energetically, this type of yoga is a sacred science of becoming in your higher-self, so your diet must be pure and clean. This is why all the holiest people on the planet like Buddhist monks, Sikhs, Yogis, Sages, Reiki Masters etc. don’t eat meat because they truly understand the body is the Temple. Even scientists can understand that energy never dies but is only transferred, and with that being said, everything you eat has energy that your body has to process/digest. That’s why those holy people cut out the complete process of digesting that animal’s energy/life force of being murdered, in fear, stressed, sick etc.

Spiritually, when you eat an animal you’re messing up that animal’s life journey. That animal has a soul and it needs to live out its animal life naturally to proceed on its next journey but instead, it’s being raised and killed with a month or so for you to eat. Now you have messed up that animal’s spiritual evolution and there is spiritual karma attached to that! Physically, from a science point of view, meat is an acidic food. If you look at a pH scale the acidic side is red, the middle is neutral, and the other end is alkaline which is green! So the red is an unhealthy pH which includes things such as meat, candy, fast food, dairy, etc. This red (acidic) pH puts the body in a state where sickness and diseases form from all the unnatural man-made chemicals. The green side is the alkaline side, which includes natural foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. These foods start to heal and purify the body because they are electric foods that are still alive and taking in oxygen, unlike the dead animal. I had to mention this because one should take all aspects in life seriously, especially when practicing Kundalini yoga. When dealing with aligning and balancing the Chakras so that The Kundalini energy can smoothly flow up the spine circumnavigating through the nervous system of the spine from the base of the spine to the top, which is the pineal gland aka the 3rd eye.

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What kind of changes happened in your performance after becoming vegan?

The changes that happened to me were almost immediate. I noticed way better sleep, which is important for the body’s recovery for the next day of training. I found myself feeling lighter and more alert, which is important in reaction time especially in a fight or in practice preparation. I had better endurance because I looked at food as fuel. I overall just felt better, the energy I carried was more positive and at a higher vibration. Once I changed my life around this way, I felt amazing and opportunities started presenting themselves and I met them head-on with super-human confidence.

What was your diet before you became vegan?

My diet before was like everybody else’s. I ate whatever and whenever I wanted. I was eating meat three times a day like everyone was taught, a high protein diet which equals high fat and cholesterol.

What does a successful fighter like you eat before a match?

My favorite food to eat before a competition is sweet potatoes because they are the best complex carb for the type of energy I need for fight night.

Abel Trujillo

What projects do you have lined up?

I just try to live my life and hope people can be inspired by that. I also put out knowledge on the subject on my social media platform. I try not to be pushy or convert people because people are on their own time of awakening. I just try to drop seeds and information that people can research for themselves.

What message do you want to leave our readers with?

Everyone who read this article, please go do your research to find out for yourself. By you destroying yourself, you are destroying the planet and by you healing yourself, you are healing the planet! We all need to start caring about real issues; WE NEED TO PROTECT THE ANIMALS. That’s part of truly being one with nature and the universe!

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