Animal Baby Names

by | September 12, 2017

All animal lovers hope our children will have the respect and wonder for the creatures of Earth as we do. What better way to instill those ideals than to name your child after an animal?
Whether it’s an animal you identify with or whose qualities you admire, there’s literally a world of animal baby names.
Fox- Foxes are a playful animal and also very intelligent. The mention of their name brings to mind pictures of idyllic woodlands and a clever, cunning little critter. Although it is rising in popularity, Fox is quite a unique moniker.
Peregrine– The Peregrine falcon is a mighty, majestic bird that is known for its grace and intelligence. The name Peregrine has been used for both boys and girls for centuries and is full of nickname potential.
Bear– A strong name with cuddly undertones,  Bear is the perfect mix of cute and confident. This animal name has been growing in popularity recently but is still fairly uncommon.
Wren–  Used for girls and boys alike for many decades, this name sounds modern but has been around for a long time. Wren has enjoyed a huge spike in usage in the past decade and become almost ‘mainstream’. An easy name to compromise on, Wren is funky, simple, and unisex.
Lark- A beautiful name that had a brief spike in popularity in the 1940s, Lark has an old-fashioned feel but remains fresh and modern sounding. Since the lark is a songbird, this is a great name for a baby of either sex born into a musical family.
Birdie– A fairly popular name in the nineteenth century, Birdie is way overdue a comeback! With a funky sound and a friendly feel, this name is sure to fit any smiley, happy little lady.
Leon– Based on the Latin word for lion, this is one fierce name. Since Leon is a fairly traditional name, it could help parents struggling to find a balance between unique and ‘normal’..
Phoenix– The Phoenix is a creature that anyone would be proud to be named after, although it is technically a mythical animal. Famous for rising from the ashes of its pyre, this creature’s metaphorical resilience is a lesson for your child to carry with them through life.
Piper– The Sandpiper, a beautiful waterbird, is the inspiration for this name. Piper comfortably sits somewhere between cute and powerful and will easily grow with your child throughout their life.
Cub– While this name sounds totally adorable for a baby, it could also grow well with a child into adulthood. Easy to spell and pronounce, Cub is sure to continue climbing in popularity but for now is a fairly rare name.
Hawk– Although steadily rising in usage, Hawk remains a great choice for parents wanting a name that is fairly uncommon. This name is full of strength and speaks of a stoic individuality.

Whether you choose one of these animal baby names or name your child after one of the millions of other creatures we share our planet with, they are sure to be proud to carry such a special gift with them throughout their life.

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