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Are You A Panda Parent?

by | August 2, 2019

Helicopter parents and tiger parents are both phrases you’re likely familiar with, sure — but there’s a new parent type in town.

Author Esther Wojcicki has coined the term panda parenting to classify a very particular approach.

Panda parenting is more of a hands-off approach to parenting — where one gently guides their child. According to Wojcicki, this is a method which provides the “perfect ratio of cuddliness and claw.”

The method aims to guide and support children to foster independence and a sense of responsibility, rather than setting children up with obstacles, which has been coined snowplow parenting, or being available at a moment’s notice, otherwise known as helicopter parenting.

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According to Dr Sarah Hughes, panda parenting can “increase a child’s self-esteem and builds confidence as well.”

However, as with any method, the child’s personality needs to be taken into consideration. Dr Hughes warns that “some kids might not cope with panda parenting, and need a higher level of intervention from you than what you’re currently offering.”

Are you a panda parent? Or do you have more of a hands on approach to parenting? Let us know in the comments below.


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