Credit: Milky Lane/ Facebook

Aussie Maker’s Vegan Burger So Meat-Like, People Question If It is Vegan?

by | May 16, 2019

Looks can be deceptive. At least here in this case- an absolutely juicy, and delicious looking vegan burger called “100% VEGAN BIG POPPA” (that looks out and out like meat-based) surfaced on the social media page of an Aussie burger maker. And viewers just couldn’t but question if it is vegan indeed. Let’s see how you react. Read on to find out.

vegan burger
Credit: Milky Lane/ Facebook

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Australian Burger Chain’s Vegan Burger is so Meat-Like, Viewers Question Its Ingredients

Stars do get viral, thanks to their stardom. But when a burger goes viral, what do you think it has? Well, this plant-based burger from an Australian burger joint has meat-mettle in it, being 100 percent vegan. That’s right. A plant-based burger that looks so realistically meat-like that viewers went on to question the ingredients.

Credit: Milky Lane/ Facebook

Milky Lane at Sydney posted on their Facebook page the captures of their latest creation- the plant-based version of their popular meat-based burger. And I bet, you couldn’t have made out that the burger doesn’t have meat unless specified. It equally shocked Australians and now it looks like the same is highly sought after.  The burger features everything vegan including Gluten Free bun, non-dairy cheese, plant-based bacon, ‘veef’ pattie, dairy-free Aioli, and BBQ sauce among others.

The Reactions and Feedback

People tried and some were even concerned about the product’s taste, that if it is actually vegan, implying the realistic taste. “Tried it today and it is awesome, can’t tell the difference,” wrote someone, another added, “so similar to meat I was actually concerned!!”

Credit: Milky Lane/ Facebook

The vegan burger reportedly retails at $24 ($16.62 USD) and to add to its amazing taste, the chef has employed dairy-free aioli, ‘pulled BBQ jackfruit’ and onion rings. It is the plant-based iteration of their ‘Big Poppa’ burger and it looks so appealing that even meat eaters are keen to try it. “I’m not vegan but this looks amazing,” said one user. Unfortunately, as of now, the product is limited edition and will be available until June 1. And according to the post, if things go well, it might be included in the permanent menu. Their Facebook post garnered some 5000 comments.

Credit: Milky Lane/ Facebook

The restaurant in the post explains the creation of their drool-worthy vegan burger-

“The amount of times we get asked for Vegan options is INSANE so we went over the top in Milky Lane style (we didn’t think a standard patty (sic) lettuce tomato job would be enough haha)”

Milky Lane via Facebook
Credit: Milky Lane/ Facebook

Veganism is on the rise, with a lot of big players in the market offering vegan iteration of their popular and mainstream dishes. Say, for instance, Hungry Jacks debuted their vegan burger in 2018. What do you think about Milky Lane’s vegan creation? Let me know in comments.

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