Ditch The Chocolate. Awesome Easter Basket Alternatives

by | March 10, 2018

Siri Steven is a midwest mama, passionate about delicious vegan food, animal rights and caring for the Earth. She loves to write, take photos, make music with her husband and spend time exploring national parks with her family. She’s the creator of The Vegan Steven which features recipes, interviews and more! Follow her on Instagram @thevegan.steven

With Easter coming up, you may be scratching your head as to what to put in your kiddo’s Easter basket. Chocolate bunnies and Peeps come to mind around this holiday, but they’re not exactly vegan-friendly. Here are some awesome Easter basket alternatives to the processed, milk chocolate, candy filled day.


Fruit Basket

I could not think of a better gift for a vegan! Instead of filling a little basket full of sugary sweets, fill it full of delicious, nutritious fruit! Oranges, mango’s and kiwi are all egg shaped & colorful. If you have a health food store that carries exotic fruits like passion fruit or kumquats, can you splurge so your kids have a special treat for the day?


Thrift Clothes 

Going to thrift stores can be a lot of fun… almost like an Easter egg hunt! Find a few articles of clothing for your little one that you know they would love to wear, and maybe a bit out of the ordinary. Perhaps you can find a pretty dress in a pastel hue, or a pirate outfit to play dress up. The best part about thrifting is that it’s super affordable and cuts down on creating more waste from the fashion industry.




Painted Rocks 

Instead of dying Easter eggs this year, what about painting rocks? If the weather is nice enough where you live, finding smooth rocks by a river can be an exciting adventure for the whole family. Painting the rocks can be a great way to flex those artistic muscles, too!


Book Exchange 

Are you sick of reading the same books over and over? I’m sure there are other mama’s out there who feel the same way. Having a book swap with friends is a great way to get together and refresh your child’s collection and imagination. Plus, it’s free! If you do want to spend a little money on a new book, check out these five vegan books for kids that would be a perfect gift for your little one!


Musical Instruments 

One of my daughter’s favorite toys are mini musical instruments. These can definitely be thrifted or found online for cheap. Ukuleles, little pianos, a harmonic or a bongo would be a great gift to give your child, and may help them develop a love of music for years to come.


Take a Day Trip 

Instead of buying your kids material things, you can take a day or weekend trip out of town and give them new experiences. Are there fun, interactive kids museums nearby? Perhaps your family can go ice skating for the first time. Maybe there’s a delicious vegan restaurant you can try!  Even going for a hike on a beautiful trail can be a wonderful way to spend quality time with family and get outside after a long, cold winter.


I hope this helps you with your Easter weekend. Do you have any other Easter basket alternatives to the typical chocolate and marshmallows? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear of how you chose to spend the holiday!




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