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Babies Deserve Care MADE OF the Best: A Vegan Baby Care Brand You’ll Love

by | May 13, 2019

MADE OF creates high-quality and sustainable baby care products that are transparent’ to such an extent that you can see for yourself, each and every ingredient used in the products, and from where they come. Organic, and free from harmful chemicals, you will love these products and want the same for your baby. Get your hands on what is best for your baby. Know more about the brand here.

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Everyday Baby Care Made Simple, Safe yet Incredibly Effective with MADE OF

Whether be it the indispensable diaper for your baby, or the dish soap or body lotion- supplies (like these) for daily use, can take a toll on the baby’s skin, least the high-quality standards are not maintained and safest ingredients not used. What’s more? Often times there is very less scope to realize what is used in your baby’s products because the skincare industry is unregulated.

But not anymore. Because a great babycare doesn’t need to come with hefty chemical derivatives and additives, and infusing everyday babycare with plant-based ingredients is the best way out. MADE OF harnesses vegan ingredients for their range of products, so that there is simply no scope for harshness on your baby’s skin.

Products That You’ll Love

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The brand crafts high-quality and safest vegan baby care product range that essentially covers your baby’s needs. All the products are made in the USA, and the entire range is designed to work into a wholesome experience for your baby.

Starting with the basics, the company’s disposable ‘Better Baby Diapers‘ come with a 10-hour leak-free guarantee. Free from petrochemicals, phthalates, and parabens the diapers start at $13, and you can choose your appropriate package (and of course size) to suit your needs. Keep your baby at bay from the toxicities that come with low-quality diapers with The Better Baby Diapers from MADE OF.

Similarly, opt for the ‘Soothing Organic Baby Wipes‘ instead of a regular one and put into use the excellent plant-based organic cleaning regime. Starting at $8, the wipes are is free from alcohol and any chemical, therefore won’t harm your baby’s delicate skin as your clean.

The company’s ‘Organic Diaper Rash Cream’ is the perfect get-along with the diaper and the cleaning wipes. Starting at $14, this soothing cream that infuses avocado and argan protects your baby’s skin from any possible rashes and redness and irritation. All these products are dermatologist and pediatrician approved. You can head to the company’s website and click into each product to get a detailed overview of the ingredients used, certifications available and even manufacturing information. Now that is what true transparency stands for.

This is Why MADE OF Products Stand Apart

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The brand not only creates a range of vegan and high-quality plant-derived products, but they also ensure parents are not veiled from any truth. It is duly reflected in the range of certifications their products come with. For example, NFS Organic Standard, USDA Biopreffered, Vegan Certified, EWG Verified among others. Of course, all the products are vegan, never tested on animals and even gluten-free. What’s more? No more looking for different stores and brand hopping for different baby care products. MADE OF offers all under one roof.

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Essentials from the Brand- Boost the Already Best

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Among other products apart from the diapers, wipes and rash creams, you can get the multi-purpose ‘Foaming Organic Shampoo and Body Wash.’ Starting at only $13, this sulfate-free and vegan formula is infused with calendula and chamomile, making it a great choice to clean your baby.

In the same way, take the baby hygiene regime another step ahead with ‘Organic Foaming Dish Soap.’ The coconut oil infused plant-based cleaner starts at only $9 and is an excellent way to disinfect your baby’s dishes, bottles, and stuff from bacteria.

MADE OF boasts a line-up that is complete in itself; meaning, from head to toe cleaning, moisturizing and protecting, till an ultimate sunblock, you get them all. Under one roof. What’s more? All the products across ranges (wipes and diapers, bath and body, skincare and cleaning) are made at least 70% organic (to NSF standards), cruelty-free and sans synthetic fragrances, parabens, and sulfates, among others.

Our Favourite…

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If your baby is happy to go out, as much as you do, you’ve got to save the munchkin from the harmful rays of the sun, here again, just like yourself. Use the ‘Organic Baby Sunscreen SPF 30’ to physically barrier the delicate skin from the harsh sun, thanks to the use of non-nano zinc oxide, that is the core ingredient in this plant-based sunblock. This non-greasy and water-resistant sunscreens are available from $17.

The MADE OF Subscription Model You Can’t Afford to Miss

You can go for a risk-free basic or deluxe subscription model as per your need and preference. Apart from the subscriptions, the brand offers a number of bundle kits so that supplies don’t end unexpectedly. Have a look below.

Basic Diaper Subscription

By opting for the basic Diapers and Wipes Subscription, you will save $600 annually (save $10/ bag). It comes with 6 bags of diapers and 4 supplies of wipes (320 counts) at $80 per month. With the Diaper Only Subscription, which comes at $60 per month, you can save $300 annually. Both the model comes with 6 bags of 10 hours leak-free and ultra absorbent diapers. as common. There is also a ‘Baby Wipes Subscription‘ for enough baby wipes, starting at $38. The best part is, you can cancel anytime, which I highly doubt you need to do given the harmless ingredients and gentle feel on the skin.

Deluxe Diaper Subscription

Take the benefits a step above- you can go for the ‘Deluxe Diaper Subscription‘ at the comfort of your home that too at dates you prefer. It is more loaded and thereby saves more. From $110, you get 6 bags super absorbent diaper bags, 4 packs soothing wipes, 2 soothing wipes travel pack, 1 unit of diaper rash cream, and 1 unit of baby powder. This is arguably the best subscription you can avail.

Organic Bundles

Apart from the indispensable wipes subscription, MADE OF also offers other bundles like the ‘Newborn Kit‘ that is designed as the ‘go-to kit’ for new moms. From $50 the subscription supplies you with incredibly useful products you need to tend your newborn like- foaming shampoo and body wash, diapers, powder, soothing cream, and wipes. For other kits across ranges, like the Organic Diapering Kit Bundle and Organic Bath and Body kit Bundle, you can grab them here. All the orders come with free-shipping and subscription models are risk-free.

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With the brand’s products acclaimed by the industry its time that you make the shift. Oder sample at just $2 here and see for yourself the power of organic-first, plant-based, and 100% cruelty-free baby skincare and diapering products. What do you think about a line-up of vegan babycare products? Let me know in comments.

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