How A New Baby Can Strain Your Relationship

by | February 19, 2018

New baby. New life. Adjusting to your new reality.

It’s expected that your life is going to change once baby arrives, and it just might strain your relationship. But how? Shouldn’t you be at an all-time high of happiness because of your new baby? Of course, but that doesn’t mean that you’re happy 24/7.

Here are the top 5 reasons of how a baby can strain your relationship:



Feeling like you’re doing all the work.

Feeling like you’re not getting help from your partner

No sleep = tired and angry


And to top it all off, your body is attempting to recover from childbirth, your hormones are out of control, you haven’t slept in who knows how long, you can’t even think when is the last time you showered or ate something, you can’t leave baby for more than an hour or two or your boobs will explode (since you’re a milk production factory that works off supply and demand), and not to mention all of the things you’re learning as a new parent. A mother’s instinct is to want to care for their baby 24/7 around the clock. Nothing else matters in the world except for your tiny human who is just as cute as can be.

IF you are having a baby in the near future, or currently have a new baby in your life, and are afraid of this happening to you, then the best advice I can give is:


Let your spouse know how you feel! If both parents are open about how they are currently feeling, not to mention the endless nights of zero sleep, it’s understandable as to why one or the other might not be on the same page at the same time. The best thing that I’ve discovered with having a new baby with my husband is that we are an amazing team.


That’s the key. Communication and team work will keep your relationship healthy during this crucial time in your lives and keep you sane as well.

While I’m not saying that having a baby will ruin one’s relationship, but it’s reality that when your relationship undergoes this particular life changing event, anything can happen. Just remember that it is OKAY to have your focus on baby, it’s only natural. Just don’t forget about yourself and dad! It may be hard to keep the spark alive during the newborn phase, but a quick date night to reconnect may just do the trick!

Hi, I’m Lynda! I’m a new vegan mommy of one baby boy. I became vegan a few months pre-pregnancy, and am currently raising my son as Vegan. I hope to inspire other mama’s through my love for writing about veganism. Aside from being a mommy and writer, I also have a love for fitness. I’m a Pilates instructor who loves Yoga, hiking and weight lifting. You can follow my vegan mommy journey on Instagram @theplantbasedmommy.


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