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Beef Magazine Admits This Generation Omits Beef For Health Benefits

by | November 27, 2018

Beef Magazine writer, Amanda Radke admits that today’s consumers stay clear of beef for long term health benefits, possibly after seeing older relatives succumbing to avoidable diseases. 

The trend, she states, “was affirmed in research by the UK’s Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), which shows younger consumers are paying close attention to health messaging and are changing their diets to reflect what is being touted about red meat and dairy.”

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According to a Farming UK article, “Research shows that younger consumers limit their consumption of red meat and dairy for health reasons more than older consumers do. More beef, lamb and dairy products would be sold if a brighter spotlight was shone on their health benefits, according to new research.” However, Radke doesn’t link the claimed health benefits it causes, while the World Health Organization has linked processed meats to be carcinogenic.

  • Group 1 — Carcinogenic to humans, eg. solar radiation (sunlight), smoking, eating processed meat
  • Group 2A — Probably carcinogenic to humans, eg. eating red meat, glyphosate

Generation Omitting Beef for Long term Health Benefits

Radke, who has published other stories, such as ‘Why I’ll keep eating beef over beans to benefit the planet’ appears to ignore the overwhelming amount of evidence of damage animal agriculture is causing to the planet, with statements such as “This ecoanxiety is causing people to make huge dietary shifts as a personal attempt to save the planet. Ignoring the methane that would be produced by people if we consumed buckets of beans each day, the science just doesn’t hold up.” and “a world where we all eat beans instead of beef sounds like a gassy and unappetizing way to live that would do nothing to curb climate change and reduce GHG emissions.”

She states in the piece, that the message of the younger generation that they no longer want beef for long term health benefits, should be a wake up call for us all. 

Which, we of course, will be, hopefully before the planet dies out.

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