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Berlin’s First Vegan Canteen for Students Brings Joy For Vegans in Germany

by | April 27, 2019

Like many parts of the world, growing demand for plant-based alternatives has landed many options for vegans. Sometimes restaurants adapting to plant-based dishes and sometimes like this, where Berlin’s first vegan canteen for students has opened in the Germany capital, tending the growing demand. Know more here.

Berlin's First Vegan Canteen for Students Brings Joy For Vegans in Germany
Image by Jan Reimann from Pixabay

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Berlin’s First Vegan Canteen for Students Brings Joy For Vegans in Germany

Veggie 2.0, as the vegan canteen for students is called, is open in a University in Berlin. The canteen will serve a plant-based menu to the 13.5 percent of students who identified themselves as vegans in a survey, as compared to 1.6 percent of the broader range of the population, reported the Guardian. There are 57 mensas (German for canteen) and coffee bars in Berlin, all of which have offered a vegan and vegetarian menu since 2011, but the demand for a vegan-only eatery grew in the past few years.

Berlin’s first vegan canteen launched as an experimental initiative, by the state-run body that governs students affairs, Veggie 2.0 is Studierendenwerk Berlin’s response to the growing trend towards veganism.

A Spokeswoman for the state-run body, Jana Judisch, said that the launch of Veggie 2.0 is an experiment in a part of Technical University in the city’s west, adding that the canteen will serve the common masses in addition to students. She clarified because the “mensa” will tend members of the public, they’re expecting the interest will spread. Speaking to Berlin’s national daily, Berliner Zeitung, Jana Judisch said that they are expecting 500 customers a day.

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Berlin’s First Vegan Canteen for Students Brings Joy For Vegans in Germany

Students can pay at the all-vegan canteen using their chip card, with prices starting from €1.45 and going up to €3.80. There are three pricing categories, each set for students, University staff and the general public. The students pay the least price whereas public not connected to the university pay the highest third category, which is also modest, according to the Guardians.

Vegan students applauded the opening of the purely vegan cafe. The dishes will be cooked by qualified vegan chef Nicole Graf, and the menu includes dishes like the lentil and spilled grain curry and pumpkin chia seed pattie. A number of salads, side dishes and desserts will also be on the menu. There will be two starters and four main-courses offered.

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The canteen reportedly sources its ingredients from sustainable and responsible farms, overseeing the pasta production on site.

“The exciting thing about vegan cooking is that there’s such a lot to discover, I’m learning all the time and here we can try new things out,” said vegan cook Nicole Graf.

What do you think about Berlin’s first vegan canteen for students? Let me know in the comments.

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