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Best 5 Vegan Baby Food Brands to Ensure Right Nutrients for Babies

by | June 11, 2019

Concerned if your vegan baby is getting the right nutrients through the right baby foods? Trying to figure out which are the best vegan baby food brands? As parents, this is a valid concern, whether your kiddo is growing with all the necessary nutrients he/she needs. Keep reading to find out the best vegan-friendly brands that make nutritious baby food.

Vegan Baby Food Brands
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5 Best Vegan Baby Food Brands

We’ve compiled the 5 best. These brands have a wide-range of vegan-friendly baby foods for you to choose from and most of them are organic certified and non-GMO. So rest assured, these are best for your babies. Have a look below.

1. Once Upon a Farm

The Jennifer Garner company- Once Upon a Farm prides itself in providing parents with high-quality, cold-pressed blends for all stages of a growing baby. ‘Once Upon a Farm’ products are not only vegan, they’re non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, free from kosher and are organic certified as well.

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Best Vegan Baby Food Brands

You can expect this brand to offer vegan baby food covering all the early ages of baby’s development in stages starting from Stage 1 (5+ months) to Stage 3 (9+ months). Using the cold-press process to craft organic ingredients into baby food allows them to retain the best nutrients possible. Select from a wide range of fruit and vegetable-based baby foods like Magic Velvet Mango, Green Kale, and Apples or Just Right Oats.

2. Happy Family Organics

This wonderful company makes products not just for babies, but mamas as well. But here we will be looking into ‘Happy Baby’ the company’s vegan baby foods which are organic, non-GMO, free from synthetic flavors and pesticides. There are many options, but you have to read the ingredients before you can buy because not all are vegan.

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Best Vegan Baby Food Brands

For instance, you can start with Stage 1 and 2 ‘clearly crafted’ range of pouches and jars that come in multiple fruit options, like Mangoes, Prunes, Green Bean, Spinach and Pears, among others for pouches and apple and spinach, apple and blueberries and bananas and strawberries plus many others from jars.

You can also get vegan snacks for babies like oats and fruit bars or the company’s ‘Sweet Potato + Rosemary Chickpea Straws,’ if your picky eater demands something heavy. The company’s Happy Tot Organic variety pack is also vegan.

3. Sprout Organic Foods

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Best Vegan Baby Food Brands

This company offers different vegetable, grain and fruit blends that are all crafted of pure and organic ingredients. What’s better, all the products are non-GMO, sans sugar, sans apple sauce, citric acid, BPA and protein powder, and pesticides. Their single fruit and veggie offerings are vegan.

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Like many other brands, Stage 1 offers simple and clean one-ingredient veggie and fruit purees like Sweet potato and Prunes. Stage 2 is a delectable range of ‘Plant Protein Blends,’ fruit and veggie-blends and fruit, veggie and grain-blends. Stage 3 as well offers a range of plant-based options. However, there are some non-vegan options as well, and you can avoid them by reading the label. Sprout products are widely available in offline and online retailers.

4. Earth’s Best

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At Earth’s Best you can get a range of fruit and veggie puree pouches for your vegan baby. The company uses organic fruits and veggies to derive its ingredients and offer a different formula for different stages of growth. The company’s baby food pouches come in flavors like apple-strawberry, peach-mango, apple-peach-oatmeal and many more. You can get glass jars of plant-based options as well. What is the best? They’ve got a frozen option like ‘Berry Blend Frozen Fruit Cups’ for snacks, and are made of nothing but fruits. In the same way, their Stage 2 vegetable variety pack is vegan.

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Have a look into their range to select vegan baby food as per your need. You can thoroughly check the ingredients on their website before you choose to buy.

5. Beech-Nut

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Beech-Nut features a range of baby and toddler foods covering the three stages. The company uses non-GMO and 100% natural fruits and veggies for their ingredients. You can opt from a range of fruit and veggie pouches across many flavors. You can also try giving your little one the brand’s fruit jars that are made of nothing but fruits, like the Stage 1 Apple, Banana, Butternut Squash or Carrot Jars and Stage 2 Apple and Kale or Sweet Corn and Green Beans. If your child is a bit grown-up, you can also get some of the company’s ‘5-ingredient’ snacks as well.

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These are some of the best vegan-friendly baby food makers out there. It would have been great to have some dedicated vegan baby-food makers, but unfortunately, there aren’t many options as of now. On that note, if you want vegan baby food delivered right at your doorstep, visit here and learn more about the California-based Little Foodie Club, featured at Raise Vegan.

Let me know which of the above-stated brands does your kid prefer.

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