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Best Baby Shower Vegan Gifts For An Expecting Mom

by | March 5, 2019

So it’s your bestie’s baby shower and you’re super excited for it. She recently embraced veganism and you’re unsure of what could be the best vegan gifts for an expecting mom. Well, we got this sorted out for you. Here’s a list of cruelty free gifts that can put up a big bright smile on the mommy-to-be’s face.

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Best Baby Shower Vegan Gifts For An Expecting Mom
Credits: Jacob Lund/ Shutterstock
Best Baby Shower Vegan Gifts For An Expecting Mom

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Best Baby Shower Vegan Gifts For An Expecting Mom

Pregnancy is a beautiful time and baby showers with those cute props, dresses, cake and umpteen memorable photographs are like the timestamps every mom-to-be shall cherish forever. And to make it better, getting a very thoughtful gift that is in conformation with the expecting mommy’s lifestyle would be the best. Here’s a list of 5 best baby shower gifts for an expecting mom.

Credits: Jacob Lund/ Shutterstock

1. Babysitting service with a natural vegan spa package

Once the baby comes in the world, the mama will be spending a lot of sleepless nights getting way more tired than she even expected. A vegan spa package that features relaxing foot massages and aroma therapy could be the best and thoughtful gift for her. And don’t forget she’ll be needing a babysitter too so as to rejuvenate absolutely stress free. Maybe you can offer to babysit for those 3-4 hours. She’ll appreciate this gesture for a long longgg time.

2. Vegan gift basket

Time to get a bit more creative. You can make a personalized gift basket for the mommy-to-be while carefully choosing vegan items she sure would love. You can consider things like personalized mug with a fun caption, cute onesie for the baby, vegan bath bombs, body butter, cruelty free 100% vegan nipple butter like mamaearth, white noise machine, pacifier etc. Balance the gift basket with items for both the mommy and the baby.

3. Vegan Parenting magazine subscription

Parenting isn’t a cakewalk and when it comes to raising a vegan baby, there sure are going to be lots of moments when the mamma would appreciate a bit of guidance. From vegan baby lead weaning ideas to various tips and tricks, your friend might need a lot of support and suggestions. Getting her a six months subscription of a vegan parenting magazine, like Raise Vegan could be a great idea. It offers readers deep valuable insights about everything from raising vegan kids to leading a healthy plant based lifestyle. The low cost shipping subscription features kids friendly recipes, shopping guides, health tips and a chance to connect with other vegan parents through the vegan parenting and pregnancy group. And in case you are feeling more generous, gift her a membership to a vegan meal planning group. She WILL be absolutely thrilled with how easier her life just got.


4. Monthly milestone baby blanket

No matter how many photographs a mommy has of her kids, they are never going to be enough. And the lovely baby with cute little hands and feet is not going to be that size forever. She’ll most definitely like to preserve each and every memory, so why not get her a monthly milestone baby blanket. Your gift will become a part of her memory forever. Just be careful to get a cruelty free warm cozy blanket made of faux fur.

5. Portable changing station

If you are thinking of getting your vegan friend a utility gift, portable changing station would be your best bet. She’s going to be a lot thankful later when she’s on the go and the baby makes some mess. Portable changing station makes it very easy for the mommy to quickly change diaper, clean the baby and put on a fresh pair of nappy all the while ensuring that baby is away from unhygienic surfaces.

Got more suggestions on the best vegan gifts for an expecting mom? Let me know in the comments below.

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