When Is The Best Time To Potty Train?

by | January 6, 2018

When is the best time to potty train?

I don’t think there’s one exact answer to this question. I don’t think there’s a magic number or certain age. Rather, it’s more about if the child is developmentally ready for this big milestone!

What are some signs to look for that may indicate a child is ready to potty train?

  1. The child pulls at a wet diaper. This shows that the child is aware that they have a dirty diaper and it may be making them uncomfortable.
  2. The child hides to go potty. You’ll start to notice a child will hide behind a chair, go to a corner, or even leave the room when going potty. This is a sign the child is ready for the next step!
  3. The child copies some potty behaviors. A child may try to imitate what you do when they see you on a potty!
  4. The child tells you they have a dirty diaper. A child may point to the diaper or sign or say words like dirty, diaper, etc. to indicate they went to the bathroom.
  5. The child’s diaper stays dry for long periods of time. Developmentally, at some point, children start to go longer periods of time between going to the bathroom. This is a good time to start potty training because you know they won’t need to use the potty too frequently!

As I said before, there’s no magic number. Some children can start to potty train as early as 14 months while some aren’t ready until they’re three years old. Look out for the readiness signs described above and then give it a try!

Here’s a few tips for when you’re starting out:

  1. Don’t pressure your child. They will only potty train if they are ready. You can’t force something that they aren’t ready for.
  2. Introduce some baby signs. If the child knows some simple signs like “potty” and “all done” they can communicate with you even if they don’t have the spoken words.
  3. Be patient. Potty training is learning a new skill, and just like any other skill, takes time.

I hope these signs and tips are helpful for you when it is time to start potty training!

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