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Best Vegan Deodorants On The Market

by | February 22, 2019

In search of vegan deodorants? Read ahead to know about the best ones out there…

Deodorant is one of those no B.S. items that everyone needs. Finding deodorant that’s vegan and cruelty-free is far from a difficult task, especially when brands you already know and love are putting them out into the world. Here are 5 of the best vegan deodorants you need to try.

Best Vegan Deodorants On The Market
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Best Vegan Deodorants On The Market

Love Beauty and Planet argan oil and lavender deodorant stick

With a beautiful subtle smell, this deodorant is great for everyday use, morning to night. Free of parabens, alcohol, and aluminum, LPB uses argan oil to prevent odor and lavender to calm your skin. To make this deodorant even better, the container it comes in is made from 43% plastic.

Schmidt’s bergamot + lime deodorant stick

Schmidt’s is committed to “raising the bar and setting new standards for natural products” according to their website. With their bergamot and lime deodorant, you will be worry-free when it comes to having a deodorant that’s non-sticky and goes a long way. Check-out their other guilt-free products including aromatic soaps and kid-friendly toothpaste.

Lush sunflower deodorant solid

Go packaging-free and try using a deodorant solid thanks to the sustainability-focused brand Lush. With ingredients including antibacterial citrus juices and oils, this deodorant will fight the bad bacteria, combat unwanted moisture, and leave you smelling fresh and great. Store in a reusable tin away from the heat.

Tom’s of Maine tea tree long-lasting deodorant

Free of artificial fragrances, Tom’s of Maine’s deodorant is still strong enough to use before your hot yoga classes. Tea tree oil helps to clear the skin, reduce inflammation, and calm any irritations. Tom does not only carry a wide range of deodorants, but they also have a line of oral care, body care, and baby care products.

Purely Great unscented charcoal cream deodorant

Do you want to try something different from they typical stick deodorant that is fragrance-free? PurelyGreat offers 100% natural deodorant including both naturally scented and unscented options. This underarm cream with activated charcoal will absorb your sweat and minimize any smells. They are EWG verified and use recyclable packaging for their deodorant products.

Which of these cruelty free vegan deodorants is your favorite? Do you have any more to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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