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Best Vegan Options At Starbucks: Food Edition

by | April 9, 2019

In search of the best vegan options at Starbucks? We got this sorted for you. Read on to know which ones excel on our list.

Although it might make me seem a little ”basic,” I absolutely love Starbucks. They’ve always had the most vegan options available, no matter where I am in the world. There is an abundance of plant-based Starbucks drink lists on the internet (although my go-to is a Quatro shot almond milk macchiato), complete with cult-classics and sweet secret menu creations. What is a little more difficult to come across in Starbucks? Food options that are as customizable as their drinks as most all their food comes pre-packaged. After reflecting on my last trip to Starbucks, plus some snooping around on Instagram, I think I have found some interesting and delicious plant-based food options for you to try during your next visit to Starbucks. Without further delay, here are my favorite top five vegan options at Starbucks.

Best Vegan Options At Starbucks: Food Edition
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Best Vegan Options At Starbucks: Food Edition

Colorful Bunnie Cakes

If you find yourself down south (Miami, Florida to be specific), you may run into a very special treat: Bunnie Cakes. Found in just over a dozen southern Florida Starbucks stores, a nearby bakery has been stocking their cute, vegan and allergen-friendly mini cupcakes. The cupcakes are sure to be loved by every member of the family!

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Sprouted Grain Vegan Bagel

This was one of my go-to items when I worked in the mall back home in California. Nearly every morning I would start my day off with one of these bad boys and my caffeine-overloaded macchiato drink (horrible for my health but it was how I would make it through a long day of customer servicing). When toasted, this seedy bagel was perfectly delicious as is, with their avocado spread, or with a generous helping of plant-based cream cheese from home. Other vegan bagels offered by starbucks are blueberry, plain, and cinnamon raisin. These items are also available in Canada.

Vegan Macaroni and cheese

News emerged a couple of months back that the UK got a couple of new plant-based meal items added to their local Starbucks, namely a vegan all day breakfast burrito with a tofu scramble and a plant-based macaroni and cheese. Since the vegan mac has been released, I’ve seen it all over Instagram and I must say, it looks absolutely delicious. It comes with butternut squash sauce, spinach, and parsley crumb.

Vegan Options in the UK Credit: shespillsthebeans/ Instagram

What are your favorite vegan options at Starbucks in your country? Let me know in the comments below.

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