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Bill Gates Points To Vegan Food To Better Health & Fight Climate Change

by | October 30, 2019

Billionaire tech giant Bill Gates has appeared on The David Rubenstein Show talking about the planet and the health benefits of going plant-based.

During the show, Microsoft founder Gates explained to host David Rubenstein that plant-based meat alternatives are much better for the body and for the environment than animal products. 

“It’s slightly healthier for you in terms of less cholesterol” Gates said. He also pointed out that vegan options offer “a dramatic reduction in methane emissions, you know, animal cruelty, manure management, and the pressure meat consumption puts on land use.”

“Cows alone account for about six percent of global emissions,” he added.

vegan soup
Could plant-based eating be ket to good health and sustainability?

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Bill Gates & Vegan Advocacy

Although Gates himself isn’t vegan, he has spoken several times on the growing need to limit meat consumption, and has financially supported a number of plant-based companies.

The tech genius was one of the early investors in Beyond Meat back in 2013, and has described the brand’s products as the “taste of the future of food.”

He also invested in one of Beyond Meat’s main competitors — Impossible Foods — making a $75 million investment in 2017.

Earlier this year, he contributed to $90 million of funding into Motif Ingredients — a startup that is working to bioengineer plant-based versions of the vitamins and proteins in animal products.

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