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Boohoo Caught Advertising Real Fur Items as Faux

by | January 15, 2019

Online retail store Boohoo caught advertising a pom-pom sweater that contains real fur as being made with faux fur. Specifically from rabbits that are farmed for their fur in China.

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Boohoo Caught Advertising Real Fur Items as Faux

The Humane Society International (HSI) and animal rights charity, performed tests on the sweater and found that the pom-poms contained rabbit fur. The Advertising Standards Authority received a complaint from HSI, claiming that the advertisement was misleading.

Boohoo Caught Advertising Real Fur Items as Faux
Boohoo Caught Advertising Real Fur Items as Faux said that they have ‘robust’ measures in place to ensure that they do not sell real fur. The online retailer said they received the item in question from a supplier who was ‘aware of their commitment against the sale of fur’ had signed a supplier acknowledgment form promising not to supply products that contain real fur. Boohoo also performed a test on the same sweater, and the company said that the results passed internal checks.

The ASA said that the advertisement was, in fact, misleading and banned the company from rerunning them. Boohoo removed the ad when they received the complaint and has also said that they have stopped placing orders with the supplier.

Executive Director of HSI UK, Claire Bass told the BBC that it was utterly unacceptable that compassionate consumers who want to buy faux fur are being duped into purchasing animal fur.

It isn’t just Boohoo caught lying to consumers. There have been other retailers, in the past, who have been found misleading consumers. A pompom headband sold on Amazon by Zacharia Jewellers also tested as being made from real animal fur.

Both offending items were found back in September by HSI UK as part of an ongoing effort to prevent real fur being sold as faux fur in the UK. They bought the products and sent samples to an independent laboratory for testing.

Miles Lockwood, the ASA’s director of complaints, says that consumers should be able to buy a product in good faith and not be misled into thinking they are getting faux fur when they are actually getting products that contain real fur, it’s misleading and profoundly upsetting.


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