Breastpump Reviews

by | January 22, 2018

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Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

  • Lightweight design is portable and discreet.
  • Great complement to a Medela double-electric breast pump.
  • 2-Phase Expression technology in an easy-to-use
  • Soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle makes manual pumping comfortable.
  • Compatible with PersonalFit breast shields.
  • All parts that come into contact with breast milk are made without BPA.
  • Includes: (1) manual pump, (2) 5oz bottles with lids, (1) bottle stand, (1) nipple with collar, (1) cap, (2) membranes.
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Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double/Single

About the product
  • INCLUDES: Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double/Single Breast Pump, 12 Volt AC Power Adapter, Detachable Power Cord Prong, (2) Spectra Wide Neck Bottle, (2) Spectra Backflow Protector, (2) Spectra Duckbill Valve, (2) Spectra Tubing, (4) Flange (2-24mm & 2-28mm)
  • CLOSED SYSTEM: No need to clean the narrow tubing because Spectra S2 has a closed pumping system that keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping. This aides in protecting breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Each mother can customize her pump’s settings to her own body’s response and follow her flow to find her own best settings with the S2’s completely adjustable suction and 2 phase cycling in let-down and expression mode.
  • BPA/DEHP FREE: All of Spectra Baby USA storage containers and parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free.
  • MOMMY OWNED: Spectra Baby USA is owned and run by Registered Nurses, Board Certified Lactation Consultants, and more importantly… by MOMS.
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YISSVIC Electric Breast Pump

About the product
  • A SMARTER WAY TO PUMP: Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breastpump uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Lansinoh Baby App to track pumping sessions, baby’s activities, resources and more; simplifying your breastfeeding pump routine
  • BONUS! 1 MONTH HELPLINE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDED WITH BREAST PUMP: Get instant help through the Lansinoh Baby App from Certified Lactation Consultants; Get help with breastfeeding challenges like latching issues, low milk supply, and using a breastpump
  • CUSTOMIZABLE & EFFICIENT: Lansinoh Breast Pumps have 3 pumping styles and 8 suction levels for breastfeeding moms to match babies’ natural feeding patterns and maximize milk production and comfort. Can be used as a single breast pump or double breast pump
  • HYGIENIC CLOSED SYSTEM: Lansinoh breast pumps are designed with breastfeeding moms in mind; a hygienic closed system design guarantees no breastmilk backup into tubing or motor, helping to prevent mold & bacteria buildup and reducing pump cleaning time
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Lighter weight than Medela Sonata, Freestyle & Medela Pump In Style; Lansinoh pumps have few parts for easy assembling & cleaning; New! Pump directly into Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags using Lansinoh breast pumps; BPS and BPA free
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Motif Curve

About the product
  • SUIT YOUR NEEDS: Pump how you want! Choose your preference of single or double pumping options. Choose your pump to suit your individual needs!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Super lightweight design allows you to take the Motif Curve wherever you go! Always be prepared with this small, yet powerful pump!
  • QUIET MOTOR: Say goodbye to the loud hum of your old pump motor! Motif Twist is specifically engineered to be discreet. Along with its portable capabilities, you can use this pump anywhere, without worry of disrupting the peace!
  • EASY TRACKING: At a glance, you can see your battery life, settings and more! We’ve designed the Motif Curve’s LCD screen to be your one stop update on your pump’s status!
  • SAFETY FIRST: Made of completely BPA Free materials, keep your mind at ease with the Motif Twist. Safe for both mother and baby, you can enjoy this must-have product, guilt free!
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