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Cadbury Launches Vegan Bournville Buttons. And We are DROOLING for It!

by | April 8, 2019

Cadbury, the multinational confectionery and chocolate maker, tried its share on the plant-based palate with new “share bag” chocolate buttons that will be crafted with their signature dark chocolate: Bournville. The new offering is sure to create buzz amidst vegan chocolate lovers.

Vegan Bournville Buttons
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Vegan Bournville Buttons Launched by Cadbury

There are quite a number of dark chocolates crafted from milk-free recipes, and trust me, you won’t find a taste as heavenly as milk-free dark chocolates. Especially if you’re a dark chocolate lover like me, the smooth and bitter-sweet aftertaste is absolutely drool-worthy. The vegan classic Bournville is one of my favorites and now it is more convenient to share than ever, thanks to the button iteration.

Originally available in bar format, the century old classic Bournville of Cadbury is now made using a milk-free recipe. The multinational confectionary is set to release button shaped Bournville chocolates that will come in share bags (although I doubt there will be much sharing, if you know what I mean!). The new vegan dark chocolate will be released just before Easter, and will be available to purchase at Sainsbury’s stores in the UK. Cadbury reportedly launched this product after the “large successes” of their share bags, and the increased interest in the dark chocolate market.

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Vegan Bournville Buttons

According to Cadbury, there are not many players in the sharing bag offering. “By teaming the most recognizable dark chocolate brand with the iconic Cadbury Giant Button format, we believe we have created a real opportunity for retailers to drive sales,” said brand manager for Cadbury Bournville, Mathieu Maggi, in a statement to Livekindly.

Vegan Chocolate is Melting (in our mouth) More than Ever

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Vegan Bournville Buttons

As Easter is arriving, the demand for vegan chocolate options will only surge, and the good news is, the supply is quite enough. Like Cadbury’s recent addition to the vegan dark chocolate market, there are a few considerable offerings in the market, such as Moo free vegan chocolate bars.

Another vegan chocolate Easter egg comes from Buttermilk’s. The award-winning offering is made free of artificial flavors and colors, and you can get your hands on one at Sainsbury’s. In addition to selling Cadbury’s Bournville Giant Buttons, Sainsbury’s has its own vegan Free From line that offers white chocolate and strawberry eggs, flavored with delicious strawberry pieces.

There is no doubt that the market for chocolates is growing quickly! Which chocolate are you hoping to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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