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Can Giraffes Get Extinct? IUCN Categorizes Them As Endangered

by | December 10, 2018

If reports by Bloomberg are to be believed, Kenya has already lost its 40% of Giraffe population. International Union of Conservation of Nature has declared two Giraffe species as endangered. This disheartening news raises the question, can giraffes get extinct? Looks like they might if immediate steps aren’t taken.


Can Giraffes Get Extinct?

giraffes get extinct
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Reports from Kenya, released by Bloomberg, does indicate that all is not well within the giraffe community. The beautiful majestic animal is facing the danger of extinction. The International Union Of Conservation Of Nature (IUCN)just put out a red list of critically endangered species and two of the Kenyan Giraffe’s species are on the list.

Kordofan and Nubian– the two Giraffe species listed as the critically endangered in IUCN list are found in Central African republic and Kenya respectively. Bloomberg revealed that Kenya Wildlife Service has reported a loss of more than forty per cent of its Giraffe population. All this in just a span of 30 years!

The shocking decline in Giraffe population is attributed to poaching, climate changes, diseases and habitat loss. The latest action by IUCN has put every wildlife lover in a tough spot, wherein we have to ask ourselves ‘Can Giraffes Get extinct’? Kenyan Government has already taken steps to combat with rapidly declining population of world’s tallest animal. 

Nairobi Wire reported, Kenya launched a recovery action plan to save these gentle giants. As of now, only 659 Rothschild Giraffes are alive. A robust action plan involving every possible measure, from advocacy to endangered sanctuaries, is the call of such troubled times.

Can Giraffes get extinct? Only time will tell but we rather hope not. 

giraffes get extinct

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