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Cat Accidentally Parceled To Canada Reunited With Owner

by | December 18, 2018

It has been a true Christmas miracle for Baloo, a cute naughty cat, who got parceled to Canada by mistake. The cat has been reunited with owner in Datmouth. Cat sure do love boxes but this one got itself shipped 1200 kilometers away. Thankfully, all’s well that ends well. Phew!

reunited with owner
Baloo, the rescued cat, with a Vet technicianCredits: HO-Montreal SPCA/The Canadian Press
Shortly before being reunited with owner. 

 “What, I mailed a cat??”

Jackie Lake resident of Dartmouth was left devastated when she received a call from Purolator about a cat they found in Montreal. She was already petrified over the sudden disappearance of her beloved cat, but never in her dreams, had she thought that the cat would accidentally get parceled to Canada. 

Lake was packing some tire rims to ship to a friend in Alberta when Baloo nestled in the box for a nap. 

“The cat never made a sound. I’m telling you, he was in stealth mode,”

Lake told in an interview. 

Fortunately, the one year old cat was discovered by a Purolator employee in Montreal and was taken in by the local SPCA. As per Lake, Baloo was treated “like a royalty” at SPCA and also micro-chipped for free, just in case the cat decides to have another Baby’s Day Out in future.

“You could imagine their surprise when they received the call confirming that their missing cat was alive and well in Montreal”

Anita Kapuscinska

Reunited With Owner

Anita Kapuscinska, communications director at SPCA (Montreal), had been coordinating the reunion of Baloo with his family. She strongly recommends double checking all packages before sending them out. Cat loves boxes and we can never be too sure of what these fur balls might be up to. Prevention is certainly better than cure. 

Lake and her kids are glad to have Baloo back. Although, it will take a while for her kids to forgive her. As of now, she ‘isn’t allowed anywhere near boxes anymore’. 

We are very happy that the story had a happy ending after all. 

reunited with owner
reunited with owner

Latest update: Baloo seems to have overcome the ordeal and is back to his mischievous self. From ripping cat litter bag to playing with little brother, normalcy has finally been restored at the Lake house. Merry Christmas to them in advance. 🙂

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