Chat With Moo Free, Leaders of Dairy-Free & Vegan Chocolates

by | April 22, 2019

UK based Moo Free Vegan & Dairy Free Chocolates are winners of multiple awards, truly setting a standard for excellence in chocolates. A family owned business, Moo Free raises the bar by offering not only vegan and dairy free chocolates but also organic & manufactured with no gluten, soy, wheat, lactose or casein. As the demand & market for vegan chocolates grows, the brand leads the way with their production of a variety of popular & beloved products.

Raise Vegan chatted with Moo Free to learn more about their nearly decade old business & well reputed positioning in chocolate production.

Moo Free vegan chocolates
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Moo Free are truly leaders in the market of dairy-free & vegan chocolates! Now that the company is almost a decade old, how does the team feel about the success and delicious range of products developed thus far?

Moo Free: We’re extremely happy with what we’ve accomplished. In less than 10 years, we’ve brought out chocolates for Easter, for Christmas and for the rest of the months, too! Plus, we’ve most recently launched a range called ‘marvellously moreish’ which is designed to cater to the adult market, so we really have got all aspects covered now. 

Moo Free has a truly impressive list of awards over the years.  What, in your team’s opinion, has led to this consistent success and accolades?

Moo Free: We like to think that it’s our uncompromising approach to quality. The majority of the accolades which we’ve received have been voted for by members of the public and so we think that this is a pretty good indicator of the quality that our customers know our products to have. 

Photo by Raise Vegan
Chat With Moo Free, Leaders of Dairy-Free & Vegan Chocolates

Since Moo Free was founded in 2010, what is your teams observation about the growth in demand for dairy-free and vegan products?

Moo Free: The growth in demand for both has been great – but the growth in demand for vegan products in general has been astronomical.  

What has consumer response been to MooFree chocolate eggs?

Moo Free: Easter eggs were actually our first product! As they helped to launch Moo Free, we’d say that response has been pretty great to them as we’re still here almost 10 years later! We most recently launched a range of ‘marvellously moreish’ Easter eggs too and the response to those has been overwhelmingly positive. Every year, we end up putting on extra production runs for our Easter eggs because demand grows much faster year-on-year than we can ever predict!

Photo by Raise Vegan
Chat With Moo Free, Leaders of Dairy-Free & Vegan Chocolates

Does MooFree have any new exciting products on the horizon?

Moo Free: We are launching a box of Hazelnut Truffles later on this year. We produced them previously under the name ‘Pralines’ and they were extremely popular, but the machinery broke and we were too small to replace it at the time. We’re very excited to be bringing these chocolates back. 

Have you tried any of the Moo Free vegan chocolates? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Zoe Williams
    April 23rd, 2019 @ 6:57 am

    My 5 year old is allergic to milk and loves Moo Free – in fact she won’t eat any other dairy free chocolate!

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