Credits: Adorn Cosmetics website

Chatting With Cruelty-Free Skincare and Vegan Makeup Brand: Adorn Cosmetics

by | June 12, 2019

The cruelty-free lifestyle calls for more changes than just switching from a carnivorous or ‘omni’ diet to a plant-based diet. This is why there’s a higher demand for ethical products ranging from vegan clothes and shoes to cruelty-free skincare. Adorn Cosmetics, an Australian vegan makeup and skincare brand, has stepped up to amalgamate beauty with ethical aspects and is doing the job quite impressively. Our Director of Public Relations & Media, Annika Lundkvist, had a chance to connect with their brand representative. Keep scrolling to know more about the brand living up to their claim rather proudly.  

Credits: Adorn Cosmetics website

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Chatting With Cruelty-Free Skincare and Vegan Makeup Brand: Adorn Cosmetics

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Credits: Adorn Cosmetics

Where in Australia is Adorn based?

Adorn Cosmetics is proudly an Australian privately-owned company based in Melbourne.

How is the reception locally in your region for vegan cosmetics/body products & overall in Australia? What are the market and consumer demands for ethical beauty products?

There is a growing interest in vegan cosmetics in Australia; with an increase of consumers becoming more aware of the ingredients and where they are sourced. Thus, consumers are seeing more and more.

Credits: Adorn Cosmetics website
Chatting With Cruelty-Free Skincare And Vegan Makeup Brand: Adorn Cosmetics

How do you envision the future of the vegan cosmetics market in Australia? And globally?

As there is an exponential increase in the demand for vegan products, we believe businesses will continue to adapt to these changes and consumers will see an increase in vegan products on the market. We believe vegan cosmetics, as well as other vegan products, will become more accessible worldwide.

Can you tell us more about the exciting line up of natural ingredients in Adorn products? Are many local to OZ?

Adorn Cosmetics is proudly an Australian privately-owned company dedicated to sourcing where possible its minerals, and organic ingredients directly from the Australian earth. Our ingredients are always sourced first where possible within Australia. In the rare event, an ingredient is not available within Australia at the time of production, we will source ingredients from abroad. However, it is sourced in keeping with our brand ethos and the ethical treatment of both animals and people.

Chatting With Cruelty-Free Skincare And Vegan Makeup Brand: Adorn Cosmetics
Credits: Adorn Cosmetics website
Chatting With Cruelty-Free Skincare And Vegan Makeup Brand: Adorn Cosmetics

What are some of Adorn’s most popular and signature products?

Some of Adorn’s most popular products include our award-winning Anti-Aging SPF 20+ Mineral Foundation, Hello Lashes Mascara, and Hydrating Cream Mineral Foundation Stick.

Credits: Adorn Cosmetics website

Our Anti-Aging SPF 20+ Mineral Foundation is extremely versatile allowing customers to build to their desired coverage. It is made from pure minerals including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which calms the skin and also provides natural sun protection.

Credits: Adorn Cosmetics website

The Hello Lashes Mascara has become a customer favorite; available in shades black and dark brown. The dark brown shade has become a popular choice for everyday wear, as it appears more natural and suits those with fairer features.

Credits: Adorn Cosmetics website

The Hydrating Cream Mineral Foundation Stick is great for those with dry, dehydrated or more mature skin. The hydrating formula ensures flawless coverage without feeling cakey.

What are some of your team’s favorite vegan restaurants, cafes, and shops in your city and region?

Melbourne is known for its amazing food so it is definitely hard to pick favorites. If you head into the city we are sure you will find something you will love! What’s great is that even if a restaurant or café isn’t specifically vegan, they will often still offer vegan options.

Credits: Adorn Cosmetics/ Facebook

Adorn’s Instagram and media is so lush and beautiful! Any thoughts about the use of social media for mindful brands (such as yours); cultivating awareness about great products with ethical consumption and production in mind, and also generally appealing to the beauty community?

Sharing content on social media is an amazing way to bring awareness to a brand. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to educate followers about ethical consumption and production. Social media is making everything more accessible and people are becoming more aware of their purchases; so it is an amazing platform to utilize for mindful brands.

Credits: @adorncosmetics/ Instagram

It’s wonderful that Adorn has “never been tested on animals (nor do we engage any third party to test on our behalf), and do not use any animal ingredients or animal byproducts… because we believe that animals should never suffer for our beauty.” What is your team’s outlook to globally ending testing of cosmetics on animals?

We believe that animals should never have to suffer for our beauty. We are hopeful that ending animal testing globally can be a possibility. Although there is still a long way to go, there have already been many countries making the change to ban animal testing; so we are glad to see these changes.

Have you used any of the Adorn cosmetics products? Let us know in the comments below.

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