Contestants On “Britain’s Best Parent” Criticised For Raising Vegan Kids

by | June 19, 2020

Vegan parents on TV show Britain’s Best Parent have been criticised by fellow contestants for sharing their diet with their children.

Parents Simone and Mark have raised their own children as vegans, and were tasked with feeding other people’s kids during a recent episode of the show.

The plant-based pair reduced one child to tears while attempting to feed her a banana, as she requested “normal food” instead. The child’s parents later revealed she had never eaten a banana before.

“Absolutely Disgraceful”

Fans of the show took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the conflict.

“Bringing your children up on a strictly vegan diet is absolutely disgraceful,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Not as disgraceful as bringing them up on meat and dairy but each to their own,” countered another.

food vegan kids eating
Dieticians suggest that plant-based diets are healthy for children (Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock.com)

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Raising Vegan Kids

Expert advice from various nutritional bodies supports the idea that plant-based diets are safe and healthy for children.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has worked in close contact with The Vegan Society since 2014 to advise on plant-based eating.

“It is possible to follow a well-planned, plant-based, vegan-friendly diet that supports healthy living in people of all ages,” states the BDA.

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