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by | August 6, 2018

The Picky Toddler Friendly Meal Guide

The weather outside is so unpredictable for many of us, baking heat one day, and torrential rains the next. So I always like to cook up some comforting food.  Cottage pie, lasagna, stew, chili, and pasta bake are all staples in my house, but my current obsession is a good old curry.  Curries are so easy to make, and you can choose exactly how spicy you want to make it. When ordering out, I never know what I’m going to get with the spice level in curries.  I take the chance, and most of the time, they blow my socks off. I just can’t handle the heat, and neither can my toddler, so I like to get into the kitchen and make my own, and then I know they are toddler friendly, and we won’t all have to race for the water at the same time. 

The versatility of curries is another thing I love. Whichever vegetable you fancy can be easily thrown in. It’s also a great way of getting vegetables into your little one without too much fuss.  I served up this new curry recipe recently and my daughter scooped up every last crumb! It went down so well, that I served it the next day for lunch.  

Curries are perfect for getting a well-rounded balance of nutrition into one meal and especially for those picky kids, it’s an easy and toddler friendly dish that everyone can enjoy.  For my sweet potato and chickpea curry, you’ve got the healthy fat from the coconut milk, vitamin A and C from the sweet potatoes, fiber, iron, and protein from the peas and chickpeas, vitamin K from the green beans, and a strong antioxidant and immune system boost from the turmeric!  Pair it with a grain like basmati rice, and you’ve got a meal that covers all the bases. You could also serve it with some delicious Palak Pakora, or try adding new potatoes and some spinach to the curry next time for some extra carbs, protein, and iron.

toddler friendly


I don’t know about you, but when I create recipes like this, I don’t tend to measure my ingredients. I throw everything in a pot, taste as I go and hope for the best.  I usually end up making enough to feed a small army, but that just means more leftovers, right? As I’ve said, it also means you can adjust flavors as you go and tailor it to you and your toddler friendly dishes as needed.  I didn’t want to go too spicy, so this meal was just the right balance of spice and flavor for us.





Sweet potato and chickpea curry recipe.



2 medium sweet potatoes

1 tin of chickpeas



1-2 onions

Handful of mushrooms


Green beans



Black pepper

Mild curry powder

Smoked paprika

1 can of coconut milk


Vegan Bouillon powder



  1. Boil the sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, peas and green beans in water
  2. Fry the onion and mushrooms in some coconut oil while the veggies boil
  3. Once fried and boiled, add the above to a pan with all the remaining ingredients and leave to boil. Season to taste


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