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Domino’s Attempts To Ace The Race With Their New Vegan BBQ Pizza

by | January 21, 2019

After Pizza Hut and McDonald’s jumping onto the vegan bandwagon with their jack-fruit pizza and Happy vegan meal respectively, Domino’s too has joined in with its summer inspired vegan BBQ pizza.

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Domino’s Attempts To Ace The Race With Their New Vegan BBQ Pizza

If you love the tanginess of cooked pineapple, there’s a news for you to rejoice. Domino’s Australia has unveiled its latest plant based BBQ pizza loaded with goodness of fresh dairy free mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, peppers, pineapple, spinach and tomato toppings. Domino’s attempts to charm vegans with its pizza base options in form of BBQ sauce and tomato capsicum based ones.

The latest unveiling comes after Domino’s Australia received a lot of requests from vegans there to expand its plant based pizza range.

Nick Knight, Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand wing, has been quoted as saying,

“We’ve had great support and engagement from the vegan community on our Vegan Cheese Enthusiasts Facebook group and we’ve received lots of requests for new vegan options, in addition to our three dedicated vegan pizzas and Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread.”

The summer inspired vegan BBQ pizza has been unveiled after an year of the launch of plant based cheese garlicky bread that was received incredibly well by customers.

Other Plant Based Options At Domino’s Australia

There are several vegan friendly delicious options at the pizza giant’s Australian outlets. Besides, BBQ pizza you can indulge in avocado veg, vegan spicy veg trio, vegan margherita, garlic bread and non dairy cheesy garlicky bread. Sounds like a paradise for pizza loving vegan! Just because you’re living cruelty free doesn’t mean you should be giving up on your favorite foods. Indulge!

Did you get to taste Domino’s latest vegan BBQ pizza? Let us know in comments below.

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