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Vegan Pizza Lovers — This Is Your Dream Job

by | November 7, 2019

International pizza giant Papa John’s is looking to hire a “Chief Vegan Officer” to help with the expansion of its plant-based dishes in 2020.

The pizza giant is asking that those who apply have been vegan for the past 18 months, use the vegan hashtag on social media frequently, have the ability to remove an avocado stone in under 60 seconds, and are capable of holding a veganism debate with Piers Morgan.

Papa John’s explained that the lucky chosen candidate “will be responsible for updating the team with relevant and up and coming vegan news and trends as well as trial and taste test new recipe innovations.” 

Providing the possibility to work from home with flexible hours and free food, the pizza chain is offering a salary of £1,000 a month for this part time position.

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Papa John’s has created the dream job for plant-based pizza lovers (Source: Donald Yip / Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Changes At Papa John’s

Up until the beginning of 2019, Papa John’s was notably falling behind in the plant-based game. Since an online petition to get dairy-free cheese on the menu gathered nearly 30,000 signatures, the company has taken action.

Papa John’s launched a new range of vegan pizzas and added a selection of meat and dairy-free side dishes to the menu. Papa John’s shared after the first day of sales that it had almost entirely sold out of dairy-free cheese.

The plant-based move was popular with both pizza-lovers and animal-lovers.

“We applaud Papa John’s – the first national pizza-delivery chain in the UK to offer dairy-free cheese at all of its locations – for meeting the surging demand for vegan options and giving everyone the chance to enjoy the food they love,” said Dawn Carr from PETA.

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