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Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Brand Selenacup: Exclusive Interview and Review

by | May 27, 2019

(Spoiler Alert: This is the Menstrual Cup of my Dreams)

Selenacup, my new personal favorite period brand, is an eco-friendly feminine care brand specializing in menstrual cups as an alternative to commercial pads and tampons. Super comfortable, easy to use, and gym tested, you’ll never use another cup again after trying Selenacup.

This brand has truly mastered the art of creating menstrual cups that are meant to compliment the female anatomy when it’s that time of the month. With a range of sizes (you can check out their size guide here) you can rest assured that no matter your flow, pelvic floor muscles, and where your cervix sits, you will be able to find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle with Selenacup.

Eco-Friendly Feminine Care
Credit: Annika Lundkvist/ Raise Vegan
Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Brand

With you in mind, we have created an exceptional menstrual cup, made of medical silicone, a modern alternative to tampons and pads. Our product is good for your health, for your wallet and for the planet… Selenacup is much more than a product. Our mission is to support women in every period of their life… #CupOn

Credit: Selenacup website

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Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Brand- Selenacup Review

I tested the Selenacup for a week with 3 major points in mind that are essential to my lifestyle as a woman always on-the-go when it comes to feminine products:

  • Can I work-out comfortably with this product?
  • Can I sleep while using this product without spillage?
  • Is it easy to change out or clean throughout the day?
Credit: Annika Lundkvist/ Raise Vegan

The consensus? I loved them!

When my flow was the heaviest in the first half of my period, I used the medium sized Selenacup zero (seen above) which kept me protected for about 6-7 hours before I had to clean it out! During the latter half of the week, I used the classic pink silicone Selenacup in a size small which lasted me about 6 hours as well before I felt the need to wash it out. During the night, I used the large size of the Selenacup zero during my heavy-flow days and the medium size of the classic Selenacup on my lighter flow days which left me with absolutely no leakage.

I work out for nearly 2 hours 6 times a week and while using Selenacup, I felt so confident at the gym knowing that I was protected without feeling like I was even on my period. The cup stayed in its place completely and didn’t leak during all of my exercises including yoga flow, 5k runs, and heavy lifting days. My hands-down favorite thing about using the Selenacup while working out is that it helped stop any smells that one might experience while using a traditional pad.

The one more difficult aspect about the cup (which is actually a problem with menstrual cups as a whole, and not the Selenacup) was cleaning the cup while in a public bathroom that was not a single-stall. One would have to remove the cup, make it to the public sink to wash, then go back into a stall to reinsert it which may not be the best conversation starter in a public restroom. However, because the menstrual cup can last s long before it needs to be rinsed out, this problem is only minor for my lifestyle.

Final thoughts- the Selenacup was by far the most comfortable menstrual cup I have ever used and the brand’s awesome mission makes me love them even more.

Credit: Annika Lundkvist/ Raise Vegan
Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Brand

Raise Vegan Interview With Selenacup

Our Raise Vegan team had the opportunity to have a really great interview with Selena Cup which we want to share with you! We just know that you’ll love Selena Cup just as much as we do. Continue below to see out the exclusive interview with Masja of Selena Cup!

Where is Selenacup currently based?

Selenacup is based in Vienna, Austria! For me personally, I come from Kaiserslautern (Now living in Limerick, Ireland) where I actually saw Selenacup on shelves. I wrote the company thanking them for the amazing product and jokingly told them if they ever were looking for a sales person in Ireland to let me know. It went from there…

What was the inspiration behind creating a company for a menstrual cups that are an environmentally-friendly alternative to tampons & pads?

One big drug store in Germany and Austria had asked us to develop a menstrual cup, so the owner of the company started research and Selenacup was born.

What is your brand doing for women, in regards to innovative feminine hygiene product, philanthropic work, social causes, and so forth?

We work with Edbeerwoche in Austria, supporting their cause “Ready for Red” which educates young students about period education. We do get a lot of requests of universities and people with no funds to help out with menstrual cups which we also do.

When we get a message from a person saying that they don’t have any money to buy a cup, I normally would do some research and if everything checks out, I’ll mail them a cup.

We are still on a mission to find an official cause as most cup companies already do the “buy one and the second one gets sent to Africa.” We would like to do something on a more local-scale as Europe is affected by period poverty as well.

So, if your organization is reading this and you think our support can make a difference to people with periods, please do get in touch with us!

Credit: Selenacup Website
Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Brand

The market for eco-friendly feminine products and hygiene is currently in a stage of really dynamic growth and innovation.  Where do you see Selenacup in this global network of brands for eco-feminine products? 

What makes us at Selenacup different from others is that we are actually really interactive with our current users and potential users online. I do a lot of stories about my period and the struggles that come along with it, but also I also just do fun stuff.

We do our part to make a difference by making menstrual cups mainstream. I do still get a lot of push back from supermarkets and drug stores who have already one cup on their shelves and are not wanting to stock a second brand or not wanting to stock a menstrual cup at all. A dream of mine would be to see as many menstrual cup brands on the shelves as tampon or pad brands.

I’ve been checking out Selenacup’s social media and it’s just phenomenal- both thoughtful and exciting. What and who is the driving force behind brand image & social media?

That would be me. I look after both our Instagram and our online shop. When I started getting on social media only last year, we had about 200 followers. I think because I put an actual face to feminine care by talking through stories, for example. people are just able to connect. 

What is the eco-friendly beauty and feminine care community like in your country?

I am based in Ireland and it is still a bit tough to get people around the idea to use a menstrual cup.

I actually have a petition going to support my cause with lowering the VAT on menstrual cups here in Ireland. Tampons and Pads are 0% but Cups and other reusable items like period underwear are taxed at 23%.

After being told by the EU commission that Ireland is allowed to lower it, I seem to be getting the silent treatment now.

(If anyone would like to support the cause, you can take a look at the petition here

Another important aspect of Selenacup is an interest in reducing plastic use. Can you tell us more about this?

Yes, so our classic product includes a sterilizing container which was something that is great for especially beginners so they can sterilize their cup in the container.

We also removed the leaf-let and printed the instructions inside the box. Every little thing counts. Switching alone to a menstrual cup will save between 11-16,000 tampons or pads that would end-up on our landfill.

Personally, this was only the start of my journey to become aware of the amount of plastic and rubbish that I was creating. After that, I stopped buying bottled water and invested in a great water filter. The other thing it made me do was also to stop eating meat. It was always something that was on my mind due to the cruelty but the final push came through when I realized the amount of waste and energy I could save by avoiding meat. The next step is to eliminate dairy and eggs. I have cut it out to a minimum and I know where my products are from. But again, it is a journey and the end goal is to go vegan.

For me going vegan is not a trend but it is something I want to really take my time with and do right. My mum keeps saying I went from Saulus to Paulus since I started my cup journey.

I stopped buying fast fashion as well. Isn’t it funny how one little thing can make so many changes to one person? 

Credit: Annika Lundkvist/ Raise Vegan

How do you think that providing accessible & sustainable feminine care products to women could change our girls of tomorrows lives in this day and age and beyond?

I think it is amazing how some countries are starting to implement free period products, but again, it is limited to only pads and tampons. But my question is why not just get it right in the beginning and collaborate with companies that provide period underwear, washable pads, and cups?

It would be an absolute dream to come through to start working with a governmental driven health organization and to provide them with cups that would be being handed out in schools. As you can see, I am trying very hard not to put a gender on period care as I do not want to exclude all people who experience periods. 

Any new products coming soon to Selenacup?

Yes! We will soon become a one-stop shop for reusable period products, but I can’t go more into detail as of now. Stay tuned!

What is it like working for Selenacup?

I left a carrier in the power supply industry with a very attractive salary package, in order to work with Selenacup. I had to start my own company so I do rely on what we sell online and from which stores sign-up to stock our cups. It is not as easy as I thought, to be completely honest.

Selenacup has given me a lot of creative freedom, which I am thankful about, but I think that I should have waited for at least 2 or 3 years before leaving a full-time job as it is all a journey and some take a bit longer than others.

Building Selenacup for the English-speaking market has not been as easy as it seems on social media. From deals being nearly being signed to getting ghosted by a huge drugstore in the Netherlands, behind the scenes isn’t always so stress-free.

It is very frustrating sometimes, which is why I have taken a different approach in making us available online and working from the bottom up instead of the other way around. When I post about never giving up, it all comes from experience. 

Where are your products available (online shipping internationally?)

Yes, I ship internationally! Use code: RaiseVegan for free shipping. We are widely available in stores around Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and the Czech Republic. In the UK, we are available in John Bell and Croyden. As for here in Ireland, we are available in several health shops around the country. 

A big thank you to Masja of Selena Cup for taking the time to have this great interview with us! If you are interested in checking-out Selenacup, you can follow them on their website, YouTube, and Instagram.

If you try out their products, don’t forget to use #CupOn on Instagram to share your story!

Will you be trying out Selenacup? Any questions on menstrual cups? Drop them in the comments below and I’d love to provide any answers you are looking for!

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