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Eco-Friendly Soy Vegan Candles? Emma’s So Naturals has the Best in the Game

by | May 2, 2019

Are you tired of not having any luck when it comes to finding the perfect candle for your cruelty-free, vegan, and all-natural lifestyle? Emma’s So Naturals is the home of my new favorite vegan candle and you’ll be sure to find your new favorite here too! Fragranced exclusively with pure essential oils and free from palm oil, animal testing, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, pesticides, and herbicides, Emma’s vegan candles are a guilt-free self-care home essential for all vegan parents.

Even better news? The candles are totally eco-friendly as they come in renewable and biodegradable containers. Want to learn about the mission of Emma’s So Naturals? Keep reading to see a great interview that our Raise Vegan team had with the Lady Boss herself, Emma Fallon.

Vegan Candles
Emma’s So Naturals
Pictured: Lavender Eco-Soy Candle, Orange & Palmarosa Handmade Soap, Basil Lime & Mandarin Wax Tart Melt, and Lemongrass Eco-Soy Candle
Credit: Raise Vegan

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Interview with Lady Boss and Founder Emma Fallon of Emma’s So Naturals

RV: What is the natural beauty/ self-care scene like where you are based in Ireland?

Emma: We really do have a booming natural health and beauty scene in Ireland, from a recent and welcome vegan food explosion through to naturally sourced and produced skin care. Any trade show we attend has an ever increasing number of new businesses that have either all-natural, cruelty-free or vegan products or all three of these, like us! These products are easily accessed too with most towns having a local health store or salon/ spa offering Irish made or other natural & healthy alternative products.

Emma’s So Naturals Handmade Soap
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RV: How do you see Emma’s So Naturals changing what the idea of what a candle is?

Emma: Somebody once told me that I can’t change the world when I was trying to convince them of the benefits of being vegetarian, I told them to watch me try! When I started this business in 2010 of producing candles using only pure essential oils to fragrance, there were not many candles offered here beyond traditional paraffin dinner candles, tea lights, votives and the big name American style jar candles that are heavily scented and dyed. All of these products gave me a headache, so I looked into possible healthier alternatives and decided to just create them myself. There were Irish companies making plant or veg wax (palm) candles but still using synthetics in their fragrances, which I didn’t want to do, so I created entirely natural vegan candles using palm-free soy wax and essential oil. When we meet customers at craft fairs they tell us that they experience the same effects from perfumed candles and its often hard trying to convince them to try our delicately, natural scented collection, but when they do try ours, they are a customer for life!

RV: Are there any other all-natural scents or products that we can expect to see from Emma’s So Naturals in the future?

Emma: I am constantly developing new natural scents and adding to the range, this year alone I actually have two new scents: a summer limited edition blend with Organic Basil, Lime, and Organic Mandarin oils, plus for the coming Christmas Season I will launch a limited edition seasonal scent with warming Cinnamon and Clove oils, which we are working on right now!

RV:Which of your essential oil fragrances if your absolute must-have for your home?

Emma: Our Lemongrass single blend range is a year-round favorite, it’s so fresh, clean and energizing, it’s great to focus the mind and it clears the air so is perfect for the study, kitchen or bathroom. My own personal favorite is my Orange & Palmarosa blend, it is a really unique scent that’s uplifting and happy!

Emma’s So Naturals Lemongrass Eco-Soy Candle
Credit: Raise Vegan

About Eco-Friendly Soy Vegan Candles by Emma’s So Naturals

I personally became an instant fan after lighting the Lemongrass Eco-Soy candle in my home, the refreshing essential oils instantly warmed my working area with liveliness and it helped me really focus in on my work. My favorite part would definitely have to be the whole aesthetic of the candle, it’s beautiful as both a gift or as a personal treat to yourself!

Emma’s So Naturals offers 8 permanent scents including the cult-classic Lemongrass, the calming Orange & Palmarosa blends and the ultra-relaxing Lavender. In addition to the glass tumbler candle that yields about 50 hours of burn time, Emma’s So Naturals also offers other beautifully formulated products such as wax tart melts, tin candles, and majorly hydrating handmade soap.

Thank you so much, Emma, for sharing your mission on changing the world of natural self-care and candles in Ireland and beyond! You can connect with Emma’s So Naturals on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well as on their website where you can purchase all-natural handmade candles and soap. If you check-out Emma’s So Naturals, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @RaiseVegan to let us know how much you love the products!

Will you be checking-out Emma’s So Naturals? What is your favorite all-natural vegan candles brand? Let me know in the comments below.

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