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Enjoy! Launches Range of Vegan Indulgences in the UK

by | June 24, 2019

Enjoy! has launched a new ‘naturally fabulous’ range of vegan indulgences in chocolates, caramels and fudges in the United Kingdom. The company is reportedly backed by two former directors of Thorntons, the British chocolate brand. Chocolates from this brand are great, especially if you’re prone to allergies from soy, nut, gluten, or dairy since all their offerings are free from them. Learn more about the vegan offering here.

Enjoy! Launches Range of Vegan Indulgences in the UK
Credit: Screenshot from joyofenjoy/ Instagram

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Enjoy Launches Naturally Fabulous Range of Vegan Indulgences like Chocolates, Caramels, and Fudges

The new range that features 26 sumptuous chocolates is free from 14 allergens including, gluten, soy and of course dairy. Plus, all the products in the offering are sans refined sugar and are organic. The new line-up replaces the old packaging into colorful pattern-based ones, with a new branding font. According to the company, the base of all Enjoy! chocolates contain three basic ingredients, 100% organic raw cacao powder, 100% organic cacao butter and 100% organic coconut sugar.

Credit: Screenshot from joyofenjoy/ Instagram

Enjoy!, which is the brainchild of Chris Crutchley, prides itself in crafting allergens free, organic vegan indulgences. Crutchley in a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living told that for his whole life he had been a chocolate lover, but his body remained intolerant to the allergens found in most bars. And according to him, none of the free-from ranges could tickle his fancy taste-wise and thus his embarkment into chocolate-experimenting in his own kitchen, using raw, organic and natural ingredients.

Credit: Screenshot from joyofenjoy/ Instagram

“I was so pleased and proud to create a range of chocolates that were not only delicious but could be enjoyed by all chocolate lovers – regardless of their dietary requirements.”

Chris Crutchley via Vegan Food and Living

The range has bars with new flavors, caramel filled giant buttons, caramel filled bars, boxes of extra special chocolate and chocolate fudge. You can get the range of products from Enjoy! online. According to the report, the company is in talks with big retailers, who are keen to launch the range offline too.

What do you think about this new range of vegan indulgences like fudges, caramels and chocolate buttons? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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