Ethical or Health: Becoming Vegan

by | September 4, 2017

Thinking about becoming vegan?

If you are someone who is considering joining the vegan lifestyle but are still on the fence or are someone who just ready to dive right in, it’s a great idea to understand why you want to walk this road.  There are two main reasons people make the choice of becoming vegan, ethical reasons, and health reasons.


Whether it is one of these reasons or a combination of both, you’ll be grateful to have an in-depth understanding of the reasons behind your journey.  Why? Because vegans are often faced with skepticism and cynicism from physicians, family members, and peers. Parents are incorrectly told that their children will suffer from malnutrition or that they are forcing their beliefs upon them. Pregnant women are wrongly told they cannot have a healthy pregnancy unless they consume animal products. No matter what your life story is, fully understanding, reading and discovering the common misbeliefs of veganism will give you the power to stay strong in the face of adversity and live the life you choose.


Furthermore, with more awareness, you may feel the motivation to participate in the numerous causes that support this life. You may even feel an inspiration to put your money towards businesses that align with your beliefs and are working to promote them.  As you read a little more about the two reasons below, try to determine which one or both resonates the most with you and then never stop learning.  You are in the right place as the Raise Vegan website will be a great place for you to gain more knowledge!


Ethical Reasons


Most people become vegan for ethical reasons.  Becoming vegan for ethical reasons involves an understanding and deep conviction that animals are not here to serve and nourish the human race. Beyond the obvious belief that animals should not be slaughtered, maimed or physically harmed in any way, there is also the belief that animals should not be manipulated for the products they may be able to provide. This includes products such as milk, eggs, cheese, and honey.


It can take a long time to learn and understand the endless and intricate ways that animals are exploited. Consequently, being an ethical vegan is a limitless road of striving and learning so that you can always make every effort to cause the least amount of harm possible, in any given situation. The specifics of causing the least amount of harm possible can be subjective given the culture and complexity of any situation. But ultimately, it means that if you can do better, if you can cause less harm, even if it is inconvenient to you personally, then you not only should do better but you also have a moral responsibility to do so.


Health Reasons


While the most common reason for becoming vegan is for ethical reasons, some people initially do it for health reasons. With the rise in heart disease, cancer, and diabetes across the planet, people are becoming more and more concerned with how they can eat for a healthier life. While the general consensus is that veganism is a way of life and not just a diet, the health benefits of choosing a plant-based life simply cannot be ignored.


Nevertheless, just as there are non-vegan junk foods, there most certainly is a long list of unhealthy vegan foods. This is a major contributor to the stigma of veganism being equated to malnutrition. If health reasons are your main concern, understand that the core of a plant-based diet includes plant-based nutrition not prepackaged foods with high calories, saturated fat, and numerous additives. In order to be a healthy vegan, it is necessary to consume vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, grains and legumes as the vast majority of your diet (barring any food allergies of course)!


Good luck on your Vegan Journey!



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