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Five Ethical Toy Brands For Toddlers

by | August 1, 2019

Toys — they’re more than meets the eye.

They can help to develop your child’s fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination, aid in relationship building, encourage communication, and spark the imagination.

However, the eco-conscious parent is faced with a toy industry packed with plastic. Finding environmentally friendly and ethical toy options can seem like a pipe dream. We’re here to tell you it’s not.

Check out these adorable, ethical, nonplastic toy brands that will help to support your little one’s growing mind.

Cuddle and Kind
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Cuddle + Kind

Don’t be surprised if a Cuddle + Kind hand-knit doll becomes your little’s new favorite playmate.

These sweet dolls come from a company with a conscience. A fair-trade brand, Cuddle + Kind helps to employ over 750 women artisans in Peru, who are paid livable wages. The brand also provides ten meals to children in need around the world with each doll purchase.

Ethical Shop
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The Ethical Shop

The Ethical Shop is dedicated to providing parents with toys that engage, encourage, and challenge the minds of children.

The brand’s online shop provides clear labeling on products in many categories, including organic, vegan, eco-friendly, fair-trade, recycled, and more. Making sure products are ethically and responsibly sourced is core to the brand’s values.

As an added perk, many of the toys it offers are education-focused, and can act as a great stepping stone for learning through play.

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Oompa is one of the only online retailers committed to only selling organic and ethically produced toys, and never selling plastic toys.

Creating safe and natural toys that are kind to the planet and are accessible is fundamental to Oompa’s vision. By normalizing ethical and sustainable toys for children, it protects our planet so children can continue being inspired by nature for years to come.

This is a brand passionate about providing children with toys to create a world of which they can only dream.

Bella Luna
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Bella Luna Toys

Bella Luna Toys is a women-owned business that specializes in Waldorf style educational toys that are held to a high standard of safety.

Their toys feature natural materials, organic dyes, and eco-friendly packaging. They further their dedication to ethical business by offsetting their carbon footprint and using clean and renewable energy sources. Bella Luna also provides underprivileged children in other countries — Kenya and Costa Rica, for example — with natural, safe, and non-toxic educational toys.

Eco Kids
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Unleash the inner artist in your little one.

Eco-kids is a great brand for introducing some art play into your child’s schedule. Eco-kids offers natural dough, environmentally-friendly crayons, and paints to ensure a non-toxic yet equally exciting and vibrant outcome for art time. Through natural ingredients like flour, carrots, and spinach, you can have some peace of mind when things next get a little messy.

It’s never too early to instill strong values in your child. Why not start with prioritizing ethical and environmentally friendly toys? By choosing products from ethical brands, you’re supporting sustainable practices for our planet — which, hopefully, your littles will benefit from in the future.

What is your child’s favorite low-impact toy? Let us know in the comments.


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