French Butchers Appeal To Government Due To Militant Vegans

by | July 18, 2018

Animal butchers in France are claiming attack from ‘militant vegans’, and are appealing to the French government for their protection. The butchers claim to not only be the social construct of their homeland but the entire French way of life as we know it.

On a busy street in Paris’ 15th arrondissement, two butchers spoke to NPR about their way of life for the last nineteen years, getting to know their customers and having their children grow up together, life appeared idyllic until recently. Yet, now they fear their way of life is under siege due to ‘militant vegans’.

They claim, that “If they (the vegans) don’t want to eat meat that’s their right.” says Didier Tass, one of the butchers. “But imposing their beliefs on others is like a dictatorship. Imagine you work 20 years building your business and then somebody comes along and damages your shop?”

One sentient being they seem to be forgetting is the dead animal whose life has to be taken in order for them to have this ‘great livelihood’

Another butcher, Sandrine Tass, seems perplexed that anyone would fight for the life of another to survive, asking “Why would anyone attack hardworking people who are just doing their job?”

However, chances of them ever sitting down and listening to vegans and their point seem very slim – they have received abusive graffiti and broken windows in the last few months from these ‘militant vegans’, and it is hard to make a compelling argument for peace while causing destruction at the same time.


“In France, your butcher is someone you go to like your doctor. It’s personal,” he says. “And the heart of any French village or town is the baker, the butcher, and the café. If we don’t have these small businesses, the social fabric will be gone. Amazon is nice, but it isn’t everything.”

Guihard says the attacks are worrying. He points to a recent case where a vegan was given a seven-month suspended sentence for praising the killing of a butcher. It was after a lone gunman took hostages in a grocery store in the southern French town of Trebes in March. In the incident, the armed extremist killed a police officer and the store’s butcher. The vegan wrote online that it didn’t matter if the butcher was killed because he was a murderer, too.

Brigitte Gothiere is with L214, a major vegan association in France that defends animal rights. Gothiere says her group would never perpetrate violence because that’s exactly what it’s campaigning against.

“We don’t attack butchers, we carry out investigations by putting hidden cameras in slaughterhouses and documenting things like baby chicks being ground up and other cruelties,” says Gothiere. “We try to show the reality of how animals live and die while being raised, transported and slaughtered.”


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