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Getting Pregnant While Already Pregnant? Is It Possible?

by | November 5, 2018

Getting pregnant while already pregnant? No, this isn’t some urban folklore and happens to a handful of women all around the world.

It might sound weird, like an indication of some sort of fertility superpower, but that’s nature- it never stops amusing us.

This seemingly extreme horizon of human fertility is reached due to a rare condition called superfetation. What really happens is the already pregnant woman releases a second egg, even after a few weeks into the pregnancy. This second egg fertilizes and the woman gets pregnant again, with two babies. However, this is different from getting pregnant with twins. In super-fecundation, a woman releases two eggs in the same cycle that get fertilized separately. This leads to the woman becoming pregnant with twins.

Why is this unusual?

Superfetation isn’t something that nature planned out initially. Pregnancy hormones prevent a pregnant woman’s body from ovulating again during the entire term of pregnancy. Though there isn’t any established reason behind this remarkable phenomenon, Karen Boyle, a recognized expert in reproductive health, offered an explanation in one of the articles by She indicated that this might happen due to delay in the implantation of the first embryo. As a result, there isn’t that initial spike in the pregnancy hormones that blocks the ovaries from releasing another egg.

According to Boyle, the phenomenon of getting pregnant while already pregnant is very rare. Even while she was preparing for a segment on the same topic for GoodMorningAmerica (ABC’s widely watched show) she came across only ten cases so far. Her segment was well received and many moms came out to tell her that they think they experienced superfetation back when they gave birth to twins. Boyle remarks this is a possibility, as sometimes superfetation does happen but isn’t recognized.

What about the babies?

The babies are born at the same time just like twins should, even though they aren’t twins. In fact, there have been cases when the age difference between the babies was discovered after they were delivered. However, things are different now thanks to the advancement in medical technology. With ultrasound, such condition gets identified easily and the doctors can plan a C-section accordingly. C-section might be necessary since one baby will reach full term before the other one.

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