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Going in for an ‘Am I Pregnant Test’? Check 5 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

by | December 8, 2018

If you are reading this, chances are you might be wondering about early signs of pregnancy. Although ‘Am I pregnant test‘ (at home) or quizzes aren’t necessarily accurate but they still are the number one choice women opt for when they miss their periods. It takes time for pregnancy hormones to show in urine, thus, making home pregnancy tests a bit unreliable. However, you can check on the early signs of pregnancy.

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Instead of ‘Am I Pregnant Test At Home’, Check These Early Signs

To make it simpler for you, here are some early signs of pregnancy to know if you might be expecting:

Late period/ Missed period or too little period

Contrary to popular notion, sometimes women do experience little bleeding at the initial stage of pregnancy. If you experience too little bleeding or missed period, it could be a sign of pregnancy. Slight bleeding occurs as the
embryonic attaching to the lining of your uterus wall. This is also called implantation bleeding and can be mistaken as late period. 

Sore breasts

If you suddenly find your breast quite sore lately and growing a bit in size, it could be a sign that you are expecting.


Nausea and extreme tiredness

If you haven’t been partying late night but still find yourself extremely tired and nausea stricken in the morning, it could be a sign of pregnancy. 

Strange aversions or cravings

If out of nowhere you develop hatred for any of the food items you used to like before, it might be time to stop Googling for am I pregnant test/ quizzes and get a pregnancy test done already. Hormones surge high during this time and a lot of women develop food aversions or cravings quite early.

Pay attention to the skin around your nipples

Are the areolas becoming more pronounced and darker? Are your nipples more erect than usual? Chances are high this could be an early sign of pregnancy.

If you find any of these signs clicking in your case, run through a pregnancy test kit or get yourself tested at a registered clinic. Bear in mind that it takes 15 days from when you conceive for the HCG (pregnancy hormone) to test positive. So don’t test too early. Those ‘Am I Pregnant Test’ kits can be wrong! 

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