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Golden S’Mores: Grab Latest Starbucks’ Vegan Coffee At US Grocery Stores

by | May 28, 2019

Starbucks’ classic campfire-dessert inspired coffee called the Golden S’Mores is now made available at all major U.S grocery retails. Starbucks’ vegan coffee that recreates the classic dessert flavors (naturally) in a steamy mug, and by all means deserves a space in the kitchen. Know more here.

Golden S’Mores: Grab Latest Starbucks' Vegan Coffee At US Grocery Stores
Credits: Starbucks

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Golden S’Mores: Grab Latest Starbucks’ Vegan Coffee At US Grocery Stores

Ideally, the classic dessert is often a sticky and gooey sandwich that is savored at campfires. But, who said it has to be sticky and gooey, or only a campfire dish? Very much possible, that now you will enjoy the delicious flavors at the fresh of the day, in a cup of coffee. According to reports, the new Starbucks Golden S’Mores Coffee is vegan and the same is now available at all the grocery stores in the US. Using the company’s store locator site, you can find if your nearest grocery store has the product in-stock.

The new delightful product comes in lightly brewed 100% Arabica Coffee, and according to Starbucks, they’ve used natural flavoring substances to derive the coffee’s realistic taste and tone that matches with golden Grahams, roasted marshmallow and chocolate. It means you will make yourself a vegan cup of S’mores-inspired coffee at home, whenever you want. The Starbucks’ vegan coffee seems to take cues from its brethren at Starbucks stores from their ‘S’Mores Frappuccino.’

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“Starbucks Golden S’mores is crafted to bring out the flavors of summer. The classic campfire treat comes to life in our lightest-roast coffee with notes of toasted marshmallow, Graham and milk chocolate,” the company stated describing the product, adding that it is “Made without artificial flavors, it’s a tasty part of your summer adventures. It’s only available for a limited time, so make sure you experience it before it’s gone.”

Starbucks Vegan Coffee And Drinks

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee chain. And they’ve quiet some vegan options. You can safely say, the coffee giant is one of the most vegan-friendly cafes’ in the US, offering a number of uncompromisingly-tasty alternatives to traditional dairy and poultry based items. For instance, a lot many drinks and beverages offered by Starbucks can be instantaneously veganized, just at a distance of a quick switch to any plant-based milk, which will replace the dairy. Just so you know, most of the clear syrups in the store are vegan and the sauces are not (excluding mocha). Read our best picks of vegan items at Starbucks here.

The new ground coffee can be enjoyed in any ways you like. Have simply, hotly brewed, or fuse with some nut-based milk of your choice into a cool shake, it’ll taste irresistible anyways. What do you think about Starbucks’ vegan new ground coffee? Did you have that yet? Let me know in comments.

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