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Has Chris Pratt Gone Vegan? Not So FAST!

by | January 15, 2019

Has Chris Pratt gone Vegan? Maybe so, but only temporarily. The superstar who is well known for his love of bacon has said in an Instagram story that he’s on day three of the ‘Daniel Fast.’ The star is on the fast to try to lose weight. Pratt told his fans that the diet will coincide with the “Lego Movie 2’ press junkets and that he’ll probably be hallucinating by then.

Has Chris Pratt Gone Vegan? Not So FAST!
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Has Chris Pratt Gone Vegan? Not So FAST!

The Daniel Fast is a faith-driven cleanse that is similar to a vegan diet as it only allows food ‘grown from the seed.’ The fast is based on the experiences of the Prophet from the Old Testament. ‘Don’t settle for less by catering to the flesh’ says a website dedicated to the fast. People on the cleanse aren’t to eat meat, dairy, solid fats, or leavened bread.

Chris Pratt has previously angered vegans by posting a video on Instagram about raising his own lambs for slaughter. “That’s right, fresh farm to table lamb,” he said in the video. That they are the happiest lambs on the planet, so sweet, and then one day they wake up dead in my freezer.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star shared a photo of meat on his Instagram and wrote a paragraph about his newfound passion for farming and meat. The actor said, “Look at all this delicious food! We’ll eat off him for a month. His wool is becoming yarn as we speak. He lived a very good life.”

While it’s unclear if the star will see the light and stay vegan after a couple of weeks on his new fad diet, I’m hoping he does. Hey Chris Pratt, why don’t you take advantage of that huge following that your celebrity status and wicked sense of humor affords you and put it to some good use!!


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  1. kashan
    January 15th, 2019 @ 12:40 pm

    what a friggin troll. at least show some respect for the animals you killed, chris.

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