Wondering Why Your Heartburn Continues After Pregnancy

by | August 8, 2018

Have you wondered why heartburn continues after pregnancy?

Counting down the days until, not only until your baby arrives, but also until this unrelenting and painful heartburn will stop. Yet, for some moms – it doesn’t, and the condition persists, here is what you can do to remedy it.


Caffeine, Caffeine, Caffeine.

Look, no judgment here – we’d have an IV of the hot deliciousness if we could, and with little kids, it’s about all that help to keep up with them 24/7, but experts suspect that the morning, mid-morning and mid-mid morning cups of coffee are not helping. It relaxes muscles at the top of your stomach, letting stomach acid back up to where it’s not allowed, meaning heartburn continues after pregnancy. Instead, try an apple, researches from Cornell University found that not only is an apple more nutritious for you, it has thirteen grams of natural sugar, that are released more slowly over the course of the day, giving you stamina and feeling more alert.


The Rat Race

You don’t have to be flying high in a New York City skyscraper, while barking orders at a staff of twenty – to understand that parenting is much much harder. Trying to manage an entire household, sports and school schedules, lunch menus, and walking the dog. It causes a lot of high energy stress and anxiety. Researches have shown that when stressed, we flood our bodies with hormones, and it sets off heartburn. Try some yoga, deep breathing, or outsource it to a family member one day a week for an hour.


‘My Side Of The Bed is That 3/4″ Between Kid #2 & The Wall”

No one knows the reason behind it, and many a brilliant mind has tried, but research shows us that people who lay on their right side, just simply end up with more heartburn, more than people who switch over to sleep on their left side. So when picking your side of the bed, choose wisely.

One suspected reason is the muscle that keeps the acid securely in your stomach relaxes more when sleeping on your right. But until we find out the exact science behind it, it may be best to swap sides of the bed. You’ve got to admit, its one of the weirdest reasons that heartburn continues after pregnancy.


‘I Don’t Call It Baby Weight Anymore, It’s Just Weight’

I know I never lost any of my weight from baby #1, or even from baby #2, not that I ever tried. Yet, I am admittedly a lot heavier than I was in my twenties, and with that, the heartburn crept up.  Even if you are at an expected weight for optimal health, carrying even a few pounds over that can increase heartburn. A journal published in the New England Journal of Medicine stated that being overweight can lead to up to 3X the number of heartburn flare-ups than someone who wasn’t overweight.

If heartburn is getting to the point of unbearable, it might be something worth considering.

Have you been wondering why heartburn continues after pregnancy? Have you got any remedies? Let me know in the comments below!

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